Ls there any chance they'll add characters from Raya and Last Dragon?

Could Raya’s characters and the Last Dragon appear in the game?

They could, but I dont know if PB ever announced they had plans for them to come


But if Onward characters are in the game, they should add Raya’s characters and the Last Dragon as well.

Simple answer: we don’t know.

All we can do atm is just wait and see.

I imagine they will come eventually, though.


Honestly, I am surprised they have not done so already.
Or announced plans for their release.

I am hoping for Raya and Sisu as seperate characters.
Preferably with a friendship.

Hoping Sisu comes with water powers.

They could, yes. Will they? Given how long it’s been since the movie’s release, and the fact that we don’t have any sign yet of them coming, I doubt they’ll be added anytime soon.

I am not sureif they are added there have past half of year but no sign for them

In past experience, it usually takes 1 year from release of new original movie to implementation of playable characters.

Which in my personal opinion is good, since a rushed job just results in a flawed design.

As an aside, I’ve been reviewing Disney’s upcoming movie schedule and well, the news is not good.
There’s only two animated movies on the schedule and only one of those is a new movie concept.

So Raya and her band of friends might be the only option for new characters for a long time…

If it’s a Disney intellectual property (excluding Marvel and Star Wars), it’s a likely character.

Didn’t they put Bo Peep, Ducky & Bunny, and Duke Caboom in the game before Toy Story 4 premiered?

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I would not know, I am not a Toy Story fan.
Nor have I seen that movie.

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Oh, you’re missing out.


Disney and Pixar animated features released since the game started in February 2018:

Incredibles 2, released 15 June 2018: no characters from this film have yet to be added, though the Parr family knows of Jack Jack’s powers, which is a plot development from this film.

Ralph Breaks the Internet, released 21 November 2018: Shank announced 18 December 2018.

Toy Story 4, released 21 June 2019: Duke Caboom announced 7 June 2019 (!), Bo Peep and Ducky & Bunny announced 21 June 2019.

Frozen II, released 22 November 2019: no characters from this film have been added yet, but Elsa’s refresh announced 20 December 2019 changed her appearance to match her appearance in this film.

Onward, released 6 March 2020: Ian Lightfoot announced 11 September 2020, The Manticore announced 28 October 2020, Barley Lightfoot announced 26 March 2021.

Soul, released 25 December 2020: no characters from this film have been added yet.

Raya and the Last Dragon, released 5 March 2021: no characters from this film have been added yet.

Luca, released 18 June 2021: no characters from this film have been added yet.

So for movies released in 2018 or 2019, any heroes/refreshes/story content added to the game was done so within a month or less; for 2020’s Onward, it took 6 to 12 months to add heroes from that film; and so far we’ve seen no sign of heroes from Soul (9 months ago), Raya and the Last Dragon (6 months ago), or Luca (3 months ago). I do think Raya, Namaari, and Sisu are likely to be added at some point, but while it’s still possible they’d be added this year, it’s not something I would expect.


i have not watched Soul, but I have seen Luca.

To be honest, I think Raya and her team would be easier to design skills for, since as fighters, they have demonstratable skills that would be more easily implemented ingame.

With Luca and Soul, they’d have to make up skills instead of having ready made examples to source from and that might not be as good.

I don’t think Frozen II actually added any new characters, so I would not expect that to be a source of updates.

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lf Luca and Alberto come, can they be heroes together or apart?

Well seeing how the game is strictly Disney, Pixar, and Muppets only, of course. It’s a matter of whether they even doing them at all.

It’s obvious they do alot of research when creating these characters. Wheither some are more effective as a solo hero or a in a team with others, what role they should be in, what skills they should have, the heroes that are most appropriate for their friendships, their friendship campaigns etc.

For Raya and the Last Dragon it would be simple since they don’t shy away from action and everything is almost laid out for them.

Luca and Soul on the other hand, they’re going to have to be a little creative with their skillsets that best represents them.

And Touchstone, from which they added the Rocketeer to the game.

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Touchstone? Rocketeer is a Touchstone film? You know what this means right?

I’m guessing you’re gonna say Who Framed Roger Rabbit is likely.

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Yes, I was.

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