Luca Trailer out! Luca discussions!

The first Luca Trailer/Spot is out! What did you think? What are your theory’s? It all goes to this thread!

Oooh, I loved it so much! It looks really amazing and I’m looking forward to it very much. Hope I can see it in cinemas and cinemas are opened again when it premieres… :crossed_fingers:


Yes! I thought it was interesting how both of the boys were sea monsters instead of just one, but they added the girl character to “counter” that. The girl also looks to be channeling some of Janette (I believe is her name) the deleted character from Onward

This is a film I am looking forward to. I am Italian so this is just exciting for that, which is just a bonus. Since the trailer just came out I do not know enough about it, but I can see where it is going. It is going to be really adorable. The female character is Giuila (Julia would be how you pronounce it) and she seems very relatable for me. I hope that Disney and Pixar make movies like the premise of this one in the future.

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Just like you relate to Luca, I hope you understand how I relate to Mei Lee (Turning Red) because sometimes, when I get super happy I poof into a red panda

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I’m intrigued by the movie as well. It’s nice to see a new place (Italy) be used in a Disney/Pixar film.

Now comes the important question: When are the characters coming to DH:BM?

Probably the two boys

I usually try to find a connection to something in every film I watch. Whether it is a character, message, line, or element, I do it because I love storytelling and theater. You can learn about storytelling by watching films. I do not care what people say you can’t because I can prove them wrong. Just by watching the trailer I can see myself relating to Giuila not only as an Italian female, but her curiosity I am already picking up on. I can also see myself relating to Mei Lee, but I do not know enough yet.

Since Onward fits, I think they can too. I already got ideas. I think the 2 boy/sea monsters would be a duo as a Damage hero and maybe Guilia as a Damage, Control, or Support. That is just as of right now though.


I see myself most relating to 22. @Imagineer_V are you aware of the Pixar theory? It is fun to fit movies into that

Technically 22 doesn´t has a gender

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Yes. I am a walking Disney Encyclopedia. I know everything. I also relate to male characters too cause it should not matter. :slight_smile:

:musical_note: and so do I :musical_note:

So, any theories about the Luca trailer?

I also like Tina Fey so… but I also do think when Turning Red comes out, I will relate to Mei a lot

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No you do not even understand. I have an insane amount of knowledge and I literally read an entire Disney Encyclopedia. I am always doing research to keep it current as well.

Same, most of my time is spent researching Disney. Can we agree that we are both avid disney fans at different “fields”, @Imagineer_V?

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What are the different fields? I agree.

Films and different types of Disney media

Luca looks interesting.

The animation is good and the plot seems interesting.

The main characters are secretly mythical creatures, and they must hide theit secret at all costs or the town they are staying in will go after them and probably… well… kill them.

Like always, the town will learn to be more accepting in the end, but how they will become more accepting is what mystifies me.


I think Giulia will discover their secret and help them hide it and later on help them be accepted, but in the long run the boys embrace their difference.

We just laid out the plot…

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