M-O concept

M-O concept


Stars at beginning: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Front
Team: Red

Entrance: M-O follows and cleans the trail of dirt.
Victory: Eyes (LED screen) change colour from yellow to party-like slide-show (intense change of colours). M-O moves his brush up and down constantly.
Defeat: M-O turns off and folds into a cube.

Quote: Woah!

Basic attack: M-O knocks the closest enemy with brush

White skill: Clean the dirty ones :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
M-O charges through enemies dealing X damage, removing their buffs and then knocking them backwards.

Removing a buff has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green skill: Keeping cleanliness
M-O heals allies for X HP and removing all negative effects from them.

Blue skill: Obsessiveness cleanliness
M-O dodges every third negative effect and reflects them back to all enemies.

This skill has a chance to fail if a negative effect was from the enemy above level X.

Purple skill: Consequences of dirt :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Each expired or removed positive effect on enemies causes electric shock on them which deals X damage and stuns for 5 seconds.

Red skill: Perfection in the profession
When M-O won’t dodge the negative effect all enemies have their attack and movement speeds slowed by 40% for 10 seconds, it stacks with each use and slows enemies up to 200%.

Reflected negative effects have increased duration by 20%.

Increased duration has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

+X healing to [Keeping cleanliness]


EVE - Keeping the City clean


Hardy stacks from [Keeping cleanliness]

  • +X HP
  • +X true damage to [Consequences of dirt]
  • [Keeping cleanliness] also grants 2 stacks of hardy
  • The cooldown for [Keeping cleanliness] is reduced by 1 seconds (+1s per star)

Moana - Oceanic tidiness


No buffs on enemies after [Clean the dirty ones]

  • +X reality
  • +X SP
  • After activating [Clean the dirty ones] enemies can’t gain any positive effects for 0.8 seconds (+0.8s per star)
  • 3% shorted duration of disables on allies (+3% per star)

M-O does not fold into the cube.

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I love wall e and this concept, 9/10

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