Mama Bot Fights

Am I missing something with Mama Bot fights?
Bo Peep is the only character that can deal any significant damage and no matter my team if she dies I don’t deal even the tiniest bit with the rest of the characters.
I use Beast, Stitch, Goofy, etc, all of which I’ve heard are good at these fights. But even with all skills maxed they do nothing?

I’m level 98 on server 21

In Invasion Beast is good for the amount of damage he can take, not for his damage.

Stitch is OP with his Maui disk at 5 stars, since he can stop the bot for pretty much the whole fight. His damage is only significant, and still not amazing, if supported by characters like Mickey or Animal.

Goofy really isn’t that good for bosses. For speed boosts, I’d say to use Animal. If he’s not available, Duke Caboom will do decent too, with his speed and heal.

Mr. Incredible shreds armor by percentage with his Elastigirl disk, and it’s not level dependent. If you’ve got a few stars on that disk, that can help Merida, Bo, and Stitch rack up some more damage.


Although Gizmoduck is not on the invasion team, he armor steal is significant, especially with his Duke disk

WALL-E because I use him for my team. Whenever Mama Bot summon creeps, the only people(ok, really not people) I count for damage is Simba & Nala and WALL-E’s white skill.

Sounds like you are saying we should do everything you do

Hey my team was effective. Simba & Nala, WALL-E, Stitch, Joy, and Animal was perfect.

He is the one helping you

Can I ask how exactly you would prevent these heroes from being one-shotted? None of these can take hits from the boss.

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