Mama Odie Concept

Hey ya’ll, I know I haven’t posted a new hero concept in a while, but here’s my latest one, Mama Odie. All feedback is appreciated.
Source: Princess and the Frog

Mama Odie


Mama Odie uses her voodoo magic to support allies and curse enemies.
Trial Team: Red
Stars: :star::star::star:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Quote: “Gumbo, gumbo, in the pot! We need a Princess. WHAT YOU GOT?!”


Entrance: Mama Odie walks in using her snake (Juju) as a cane.
Win: Mama Odie shakes her hips.
Lose: Mama Odie trips and falls on the ground.
Basic Attack: Mama Odie swings Juju like a golf club.


White Skill: Dig a Lil’ Deeper
Mama Odie heals all allies for X Hp and applies 1 stack of “Voodoo” on all allies for 5 seconds.

“Voodoo” heals allies for 5%of their max HP per second.

Green Skill: Blind Lady :fist:Normal Damage
Mama Odie throws Juju at the furthest enemy, blinding them for 8 seconds, dealing X damage, and applying 1 stack of “Voodoo” for 6 seconds. Mama Odie will target already blinded enemies with “Blind Lady”.

Blind has a chance to fail if enemies are above level Y.
“Voodoo” damages enemies for 5% of their max HP per second.

Blue Skill: Blue Skies & Sunshine
Mama Odie shakes her hips, healing the ally with the least HP for X HP, giving them X Skill power and applying 1 stack of “Voodoo” for 7 seconds. Mama Odie can do “Blue Skies & Sunshine” every 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: Voodoo Magic
“Voodoo” now grants allies X Basic Damage and Y Armor. “Voodoo” now decreases enemies basic damage by X and decreases skill power by Y.

Armor and Skill power have a chance to fail if allies and enemies are above level Z.

Red Skill: Gumbo Pot
“Blind Lady” grants enemies 1 stack of “Fatigue”. “Blue also es & Subshine” grants allies 1 stack of “Hardy.” Mama Odie increases blinds on enemies and decreases blinds on allies by 5 seconds.

The increase and decrease of blinds has a chance to fail if allies or enemies are above level X.

Additional Stats:
X Tenacity
Z healing from “Dig a Lil’ Deeper”

Friendship Disks

Mama Odie and Fair Godmother
Campaign: Magical Grandmothers. Mama Odie and Fairy God,other work on new spells that transform objects.
Disk Name: Transformation Spell
Allies: Magica de Spell, Ursula, and Madam Mim

“Blind Lady” now roots enemies for 3 seconds.
+1 second per :star:

Additional Stats:
HP for Mama Odie and Allies

Mama Odie and Dr. Facilier
Campaign: Voodoo in Mew Orleans. Mama Odie and Dr. Facilier learn about the beautiful and dangerous parts of voodoo magic.
Disk Name: Price You Pay
Allies: Maleficient, Evil Queen, and Davy Jones.

+% more healing and damage to stacks of “Voodoo”
+3% per :star:
Additional Stats:
X Damge for Mama Odie and characters in the “Support” Role
Z Reality

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