March Sign-In Heroes


@Asura this isn’t an update this is only letting us know march sign in hero. As he has mentioned. Udpate next week


@Polaris: Can we get an update on the expected time that the guild crate hero will change please?


It is really just taxing with trying to keep up and getting kinda boring.

Before the gold and exp update I was able to keep up with maybe 15 maxed toons before the next level increase which was enough for a decent coli team. (Spender but not a whale)

After the gold update I can barely keep up with 5 maxed toons for just a good arena team.

This must be the same for everyone else because the arena teams are for the most part entirely the same with only maybe one different toon and it is impossible to try new combos because the amount of time and reasources it takes just to make a toon viable is so great that to simply test a toon can be costly if your idea is wrong. So why try new combos when you can just use what everyone already knows works…#boring.

The lack of new characters is almost a good thing because it gives more time to boost up existing toons before the inevitable level cap increase.


Not true. Tbh I’ve found myself being able to max skill up more heroes now than ever, I can see why they decided to raise the gold needed.

only enhance 1 badge a day for the daily quest. Honestly, I think many others do the same. There’s little benefit to enhancing. Never bothered wasting gold there. So after the gold increase update, I felt no change since there were even more ways to gain gold. Constantly beating arena teams 30+k higher than me, coli up to 90+k higher

Perhaps stop enhancing, you’ll find that your gold stocks will rocket up signifcantly


Glad y’all are taking the extra time for the new heroes to be balanced from the start.

We have to understand that with 50 total heroes balancing gets much harder bc of the insane number of team iterations people can create.


Interested too. Flynn has been in S1 for awhile


Unique only means “never been a sign in hero before” not necessarily a new character entirely. That being said I too am disappointed for not having a new character as the sign in hero. Hopefully the upcoming heroes will make up for it. Time will tell.


@Polaris Is the game going to be down today for an update? Or no update necessary? Are there going to be level increases?



Once I get final approval, they’ll be posted.

Will be happening with the next update (VIP crate too!).

Nope, the content is already there and ready to go.


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Thank you for informing me :grin:


For me is great news about it. But a teaser like the team did it in the past will be also welcome too.

(Why you stopped doing that?) I mean others games like Magic Kingdom do this stuff and, oh boy, they keep really excited their fanbase)


Thank you for quick reply.


Who needs new heroes when no one will have gold and xp bottles to level them up?! :joy:


We were also told that things happened, and they were delayed. Things can change, so at least they had the decency to tell us.


Will the guild crate hero on server 16 get changed? Finnick has been there for 2 months. Hope a new hero will replace him this March.


What’s about guild crates?


I guess that answers your question.


Since y’all are in hero development, can you give us a hint of who it could be?


You said in the last patch notes that there will be new sign-in heroes! What the hell! Dif you not know that many people were exited to get a new sign-in hero? But no you have to make the sign-in hero a lame (not really) pirate that at least 95 percent of the players already have.