March Sign-In Heroes


Like wot @Kinokan said. Yeah.


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I’m all for slowing down the updates.


Hey do not take it out on the company just cuz you bought all their deals to reach six star. :wink:


Oh I’m quite looking forward to the next hero announcement! I have a gut feeling that tells me that the next hero will be in the Support category.

Anyways, while Jack Sparrow isn’t exactly a new hero, he has been given a major refresh, so this is a great opportunity for many players to start investing in him. For those who have maxed out Sparrow, well, the power level will inevitably increase, including character stars. For now, let’s anticipate the next new hero(es) and other updates that may come along with them.


Good reply u have @Aurora_Veil. :grinning:


@Polaris Do you know how many new characters there will be this month? Or from how many movies?


Polaris literally just said a few comments up that they weren’t ready in time and will be released pending approval with the next update. Which he also said is to be released this week. put some patience in your pocket


I have jack at 6* like alot of others,so what good is it to us?


Well here is the thing about the sign in hero… It’s not always suppose to be about you. There are still plenty of players who don’t have Jack, let alone have him at 6*. Instead of thinking about only yourself think of other players who it will benefit. I know I for one did not invest heavily into Jack, but thanks to his recent buffs that has changed. There are surely many players like myself who welcome it to help develop this recently buffed hero.


I’m newer and excited about the sign in character. I’m waiting for Alladin and by the sound of this thread there will be a ton of haters when he comes back around. I’m on server 16 and appreciate that they have differences depending on your server to accommodate newer people or the game would be more frustrating than fun. So far Per Blue seems to be making logical choices.


If they are reading these forums and want a suggestion then they can accommodate all levels of players by offering a conversion of excess shards for some in game token that can be used for some other hard to get or desired object. I’ve seen this in many mature games of this type.


Getting ready to when 7 star comes if 7 star comes? (Or do Friendship missions that require Jack Sparrow chips).
But yeah do see your point.

In any case we get new characters next week, do not that long to anyway :-).


When Perblue releases new characters - “Woah woah woah! What happened to slowing down? How am I supposed to catch up with all these characters?”

When Perblue doesn’t release new characters - “Woah woah woah! Where are my new characters? Now I’m gonna get bored!”

Polaris either way “…”


Glad 2 see a new player already enjoying the game just like me when I first started. All I have 2 say to u @Prince_Ali_III is have the most fun in dis amazing Disney game! Don’t let these haters bring u down to where the point u just want to quit. Just let that slide & enjoy ur stay in DHBM.
:grin: :wink:


Not gonna lie, I’m bummed about not having a new sign-in hero too. Having the new hero at sign-in guarantees that EVERYONE will get it and it doesn’t expend extra resources. Otherwise, if they’re just put in diamond crates, it’s a game of chance if you get them. Took me over 200 crates to finally get enough chips for Gaston. (Which yes, I had bought and saved from contests over time.)

That being said, I also understand unforeseen delays and issues arise, so can’t really fault that.

Don’t suppose y’all would be willing to still just give us the planned hero free on release day anyway? “You get a hero, you get a hero, EVERYONE GETS A HERO!” Lol.


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I think they are the ones who already quit… haha

We will stick through up and downs… but not for the down server…
I hope PB wont shut this down… like what GREE did to DragonSoul, PB’s 1st son(app, im not sure about it)…


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