Mario13 hero concept

Mario_13 is here to give you a hero concept for me

That is very thoughtful… of you for yourself


Mario 13


Bio horror fanatic and got some advice for his concepts from early er things now Here to kill all the infectious creeps with his intelligence and weapons

Role control-damage

Position middle

Entrance:the entity comes and drops me

Defeat burns and falls through a pentagram

Victory :dose the kazosky kick

Quote: I’ll give you a lot of damage

Basic attack throws a machete

White skill:chain saws swings his duel welding chain saws going twords the opponents

Green skill: duel shot out : fires hiss mini Guns at opponents dos it for 12 seconds each hit dose 135 damage

Blue skill character knowledge study’s 2 opponents give all attacks twice as much damage for each attack

Perple skill don’t die on us:revive a ally and is invencavel for 9 seconds

Red skill a scarfice : scarified is an opoonint to the entity to give him and his team mates hp


W.n./ Dan
Dan asks w.n. To help him on a revenge run sence cris Iisint thare
item olive oil gives chain saw run dose more speed and damage

W.n. / ghost face
Ghost face wants w’s help takeing down a few creeps that look like him

The item is barbed wire chain saw run now stuns

Unnecessary and Ironic

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That is very true

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Especially the “ironic” part

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What is your background sir?

(He means @LilRubyKinz) (PM)

No one cares, you still got a therapist.

It’s not finished yet

Hey, everyone let’s tone down the aggression a bit, okay?

@mario_13 you are making a concept of yourself? Or are you making a new character?

Me next is brandy Harrington

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Okay, why don’t you add a description of what their skills would be?

A concept of yourself seems interesting. We have had a few concepts of forumers.


True I personally don’t want a concept of myself due to the explosive opinions of me

I didint have to be

It can be what ever you want

How are you Control & Damage?!

Ok sure I did have a idea of fusing roles once like have a Damage Tank be called a “berserker” and a Support Control be called a “mage”
But how are you 2 roles
Also the idea just came and went and I didn’t care about it

I’m a guy who brings the dead back and insta kills a opponent

Dead back, you need me to sign their soul contract first, instakills, meh whatever you want.

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