Market Badge Notifications


I’m getting glitches when viewing badges in the different markets. Typically, the badges give a little exclamation notification next to them if they’re badges that one of your characters currently needs, and if you click on the badge, it gives you a list of the characters who could use them for crafting or just need them. However, I’m getting this badge notification next to badges that are already in use by my characters or even when they can be used, but not until the next promotion. This is a bit confusing as a player, because then I have to go searching through my characters to see who actually needs the badges.


If you can promote to orange 2. He also needs it there


This was intentional in the last update. To make it easier for those trying to get ahead for the next promotion.


Support response to that:

I showed them two separate cases with screenshots here


I think I might have found the reason it says that Yax still need that badge as at Orange 2 he need one of that badge for Lucky Egg, which is likely which the shop alerts you that Yax still need that badge.

Hope this help :-).