Master Pieces Challenge

One of the new challenge is MASTER PIECES, which is require me to acquire mastery points. The problem is, I have done all of the challenges. How on earth do I get the points? The challenge should have finished instantly since I have done all the collections

Send an in-game ticket to support center. Or tag @Polaris here to see what they are going to do.

Can you show me how to update the game

Hi @Queen_Mallard_LXXIII, this topic is about the Master Pieces challenge and the inability to complete it when all Collections are finished.

To update the game, though, you can go to your relevant app provider (ie. Play Store / App Store), find Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and press Update.

@Polaris any thought?

I have sent a ticket before decided to write it on the forum. :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat as well. Any official answer would be great. Also put in a ticket as well.

If you’ve sent in a support ticket, they can verify your Collection completion and then award you the challenge :slight_smile:

@Polaris can you clear this up please? I’ve had totally different reports / replies from support -

Player 1

Thanks for writing in. I’m so sorry to hear that you cannot complete this challenge. We are looking into making improvements to the challenges so they can auto complete when no progress can be made, but for now I went ahead and marked it as complete.
So you should be good to claim it now.
Let me know if have any further questions about this and I’d be more than happy to help out. :slight_smile:

Player 2

I’m sorry to know that you are unable to collect mastery points for the challenge “Master Pieces” as you had completed all the collections. I’m sorry but I can’t be of much help in this case. I wish you will get all the challenges completed next time.
However, I’ll pass along your feedback to our development team. The development team frequently reviews the feedbacks received in the feedback corner and tries their best to provide a better experience to all the players playing the game.
You can also put forward your suggestions in the feedback section in our forums

:thinking: :man_shrugging:

We are able to mark that challenge complete. I’ll check with the team and make sure we’re all on the same page.

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I got the same canned response as player #2. I wish I would’ve gotten player #1’s response, lol. Would be nice to have it get completed. I wrote another ticket explaining the situation.

Sorry but I’m going to flag this

@Polaris this challenge has made a re-appearance today for this week. Can it again be marked as complete for players who have no Mastery Points left to get? Thanks!

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And of course it re-appears the week after I finish my last collection. :laughing:

@Polaris The new set of challenges for S1 is weird, since you have to complete all daily quests, including the challenge progression one, which is a Yax one to complete ONE City Watch. If you are done with that and have no more challenges to pick up that can count towards progression, potentially impossible to complete as well.

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this happens to server 16 as well,

I have finished the Yax-City Watch challenge, and almost all the available challenges (those left unfinished are very difficult for me to complete so it is not an option for now)

Now I can’t complete Master Pieces challenge since i couldn’t do the Accept the Challenge daily quest since there are no more challenge for me to progress

Although I wouldn’t mind missing out on challenge tokens for this week, I believe every Challenge should be doable for most players

@Loutre sorry to revive this old thread but this challenge is still an ongoing issue, at least on S22. It’s in the book “weekly 5” and can’t be activated, which blocks us from completing the challenge.
Not sure if this affects the whole server, but at least a larger part of my guild.

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