Maui chp7 ep 2 brute too strong



The brute is too strong for the above episode… my moana orange 1 5 star lvl 101 cant even hit him one time… ridiculous

Kindly change it. Thks



Who are the Allies that help in the Maui-Moana Friend Campaign?



Isn’t elastigirl an ally on that chapter? She carries fantastic.



Elastigirl and Maui are the only ones who have Skills that don’t deal Normal Damage. Elastigirl’s Skills are all Fantastic, so you should Upgrade her Skills…

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The Brute is immune to normal damage, which is all Moana deals. Too get past this, you need to deal Fantastic or True damage. Maui and Elastigirl.

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Topics like this make me angry…

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This is why upgrading all your heroes isn’t such a bad idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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