Mean people

hello all there is this person called kitty cat that is being very rude making fun of people brother and sisters who died and just being hrassing people pls can you ban them off the game it is starting to get me upset bscuse she has been making fun of me bsc somebody very special died this is just a tip to ban or block her anyway its up to you bye bye all hope to hear from you soon lets hope kitty cat gose bye(EGGO)

Kitty pie.
Not kitty cat. Shes nice

she has been very rude and i mean very rude to me and my friends all the time

Please make sure to report and block in game.


idk how to that the promblem

It aint working

??? so umm she is very rude just to lst you kowe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Click on the rude persons profile in chat room, a menu will come up including a Ø sign towards the top, select that option it blocks them then. After you select that a question pops up asking if you wish to report someone, press yes.

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