Mega Hard Trial Port Server 21

I mean seriously? last difficulty is like Red+8 level 185 and now it jump to Red+19 and Level 240??
meanwhile server 21 is at max level 175 Red+8
and more crazy is in Port, we must defeat toons with Yellow rarity??? it is so stupid…
why it didnt scale with our max cap raise server?
how do you think about F2P player? do you think they can beat that? impossible… unless you are whales with Mod+10… I am mad!!! @Polaris

100% agree…
Maybe PerBlue wrong, that Mega Hard should be/belong to server 1 and accidentally post in server 21 lol

I cant beat that too…
please help @Polaris
even i max my toons, i still cant pass stage 1/3

that is server 1 difficulty

that is server 21 difficulty… yeah something is off
why it jump from Tyraniccal to Mega Hard???
where is Git Gud, Extiction, etc??? @Polaris

This indeed seems very off.


Probably a programming error.
Hopefully it can be fix it today or within this week :-).

Maybe @Polaris a server update could be done where the Trials and Ports are fixed? Or maybe even unlocked for all servers. :thinking: How is the testing on 22 anyway? Is it done? Still in progress?

Because the team have made an active discrepancy for S21 players if they decide at some point in the future to merge 21+22 due to low playerbase (not that far actually, we do monitor the activity in contests :eyes: )

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