Memory Bits Level Up


I believe that as you level up missions involving memory disks the amount a memory disk bits you receive for said mission should increase as well.

I mean the cost of these types missions is quite expensive, i.e sacrificing hero chips and multiple high level badge bits, so I believe that best way to do right by the players is to reward them more memory bits for dedicated time to complete and fully level up these missions. In essence, the players will get more bang for our buck. I feel that it is extremely unfair to the players that the only way to earn memory bits in a reasonable amount time is to spend diamonds or make in app purchases to earn a decent amount of memory bits.

I like to conclude with an example. The Tia disk for barbossa has a mission that i have leveled up to level 2 and it cost 1 tia chip, 1 blue bit ,and 1 purple bit and it only currently rewards you 21 friend xp, 195 disk power, and 3 memory bits and takes 20 hr to complete. However at level 1 the mission already rewards you 3 memory bits. I feel that amount should be increased to 6 memory bits and so on so that by the time you level up that mission to level 5 you will be receiving 15 memory bits!

I feel that this is a much fairer system for all players.
Well, I would love to here the community’s thoughts on this matter

All the best


Didn’t ypu make a post like this before?? Or am I going in circles??


I did but I want people to talk about because I view it as big flaw in the game