Merc challenge


I have the post merc on guild challenge and i have been posting all of them all week but i just saw that i am still 0/30…


I just got the Merc challenge tonight. So I have 8 hours to post 30 mercs? That’s impossible.

Also lost 8 hours on the arena token challenge, so missed out on the chance to compete. I hope you guys make both of those things right.


I have 8 hours left on my challenges and I went from 5/6 to 0/6 for the Arena and Coliseum challenges. Noooo. ;<

EDIT: And now it just removed the challenges for new ones despite me having 8 hours left. Arrrgh!!


That happened to me as well


Likewise, my two challenges were reset and then were refreshed by others.

My Arena was 5/6 and still had almost 1 day left last I checked (until tomorrow’s reset).


Looks like this is a continuation of the challenge bug from update.


I just created a post about this because I didn’t see this one.
Same thing happened to me. I couldn’t finish the past challenges because of those 8 hours we lost

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