Merlin? Are u guys seeing this?! The new old Quorra

@Polaris plz take a look to adjust the white power of Merlin LoL! This is absolutely ridiculous that he can transform all enemies on squirrels and can reuse his ability on each one before the toons turns back…

I mean… Don’t know if he have to be nerfed or only adjust the cooldown of squirrel ability but it’s to unbalanced the way it is right now

18 seconds and this don’t even has a chance to fail!

Maybe if he transform always the higher basic damage toon (not the current higher basic damage toon) it would be fixed but… Once he transform one target, seems he is ignoring this target in the next use of his white skill (that’s because of the strength of the debuff)

Please… We don’t need another Quorra (before she got nerfed). This mechanic make this Merlin’s skill one infinite loop… He doesn’t even need his others green and blue skills



Nothing to nerf, his skill is already badly affected by tenacity and instead of 18sec transformation its only 2.


That would mean that every hero in the game has 90 tenacity over Merlin’s skill level, so over 200 when above lvl 100. And that’s definitely not the case. Right now Merlin is still a buggy mess and that’s his only redeeming quality lol

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For sure it is 2 seconds… Look at this picture, he cast 4 skills all into 2 seconds period


You know how many tenacity you need to get reduction to 2 seconds?

Not all frontliners have more than 75% reduction, and i’m not talking about ranged heroes.

But ye, knowing you from previous posts makes me understand your thinking…

Merlin is busted, so are several more heroes in the game. Who cares? I don’t know.

The easiest possible way to deal with Merlin - Flynn, has a “BUG”, what makes the situation even more ridiculous.

The main offender is not squirrels tho, it’s his insane energy gain. With heroes who can crit with multiple instances such as Merida, Jack Sparrow, Quorra it’s possible to silence the whole team for a while.

And he doesn’t even need these heroes to be effective at that.


There is way of countering as is at least 2 ways. Ones herc megara.

Merlin would be less OP if they found a way for heroes to still be able to use their skills… (possibly with a changed animation.) (After all it is an 18 second silence) They could get by with a few general animations, but a better idea is to revert them while they perform the skill, perhaps with an increased cooldown(?) (Squirrel timer would pause during skills.)
This removes the main problem, while still keeping Merlin’s power where it should be.
Also, nerd Purple skill.


18 seconds is far longer then any other skill of any other toon…


I would like to see Madame Mim as well speaking of Merlin. Maybe a friendship between them as well :slight_smile:

With all the buffs some heroes are getting I understand less and less the nerfing Quorra, Baymax and Tia Dalma got… Quorra was way too OP, but DW, Gaston, Merlín, Mad Hatter, are even worse than she ever was.

Tho i usually have no problem eliminating him since I usually add Gaston as a sacrifice, (as long as he’s not in companion of Barbossa), I do agree he needs some nerfing and the game is too unbalanced, each character that gets released nowadays is to counter the meta.

Control meta was countered by Elsa and freeze team

Freeze team countered by basic damage team

And now Merlin to counter that.

Hope they stop this madness and start balancing before it’s too late.


They never did start and… why should they?

The thing is that to make money new heroes must incentivize people to spend on them. The thing called as “powercreep” cannot be avoided even in non-p2w games, and now it is being used to make profit.

This game had its OP heroes like always. Tia, Quorra, Maleficent, Ursula, now it’s Gaston needing 3 hits to kill Enormous Alice(lol) and 1-2 for every other hero.

Solution to all this is simple:

  1. You use these strong heroes too.
  2. You try to come up with something new(but you need to have some good pool of viable stuff)
  3. Hope for revisits and nerfs for heroes who dominate the game for 6 months and everyone would have them at that point.

SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO you are saying level merlin as fast as you can cause he is awesome?


No. Level Merlin up as fast as you can and let him carry you until the next hero is released (which will counter him well.)

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qurrora still carries some weight even after her beat down with the nerf bat. no where near what she was but still doing ok.

I have not leveled merlin but i wonder how long it takes to get his first white skill to go off. I mean he still needs to use energy. must be ways to stop him.

Baymax+ Robin Hood+ Barbossa+ Sparrow= Instantly.
You can make a team that can crit like nobody’s business. These teams are the problems where Merlin is really felt. Once Baymax scans and Robin hood uses his Green, Merlin will use white shortly after.

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We all know the goal is to earn money… But to achieve this u have to make worth the money people already spend there… The new heroes must be balanced with the old heroes… Put 18 seconds debuff on infinite loop white skill is too much!

See other games like Clash Royale… That’s the benchmarking of balance… PB team should think on those things or the game will die soon…


Use hercules and megara

I mean. He’s overpowered compared to what? We’ve been seeing nothing but combinations of DWD / Elsa / Olaf for the last several months in challenger arena. It was getting to the point where you either make that team combo or can’t bother with competing. This is the first real hero to finally deal with that team well enough to dethrone it.

I use Merlin in my own team and yes he’s pretty good. Other players have zero problems knocking me back down from Challenger 1 though, there’s plenty of teams that can do it.

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Quote 3 of then LOL

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What? Freeze teams are wrecked by basic damage teams. Merlin wasn’t the counter to them - their counter already existed.

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