Merlin's Second Disk! Modern TV show characters incoming?

Lessons Learned is the name of Merlin’s Second Disk. It Makes Invisible Allies Faster.

I want to point out a few possible characters I thought of that this could be:
Star Butterfly I feel makes the most since
Fairy God Mother
Yen Sid
But what would those last 2 be learning
Or a very far fetched idea: Glossaryck. I really doubt it though.

Why does Star seem so likely?

  1. ‘Lessons Learned’ sounds like both characters learn something from each other and if Merlin met Star he would almost certainly try to teach her about his kind of Magic. But if you know Star you would know that she would try to teach him about her magic as well. So they would both end up teaching each other.
  2. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil ends on Sunday releasing some characters just after ends could prove profitable amongst the mourning fans. We all know how much Perblue loves money and taking advantage of the fans.
  3. We have been getting nothing but pre 2000s Disney movie characters since Febuary and while their is nothing wrong with that I think that pointd in the direction of new modern characters arriving soon. And because TV show characters being a possibility was teased in January I think modern TV show characters seem very likely for some of the next characters. Some might say: ‘What about Gravity Falls or Amphibia?’ To this I say: Dipper and Mabel could be the roster for a new update. Anniversary Update? Perhaps. And Amphibia doesn’t premiere till June.
  4. Slow Treads (Gaston’s second disk) could refer to motorcycle tire treads. Marco has a Dragon Motorcycle that he got when he spent 16 years in another dimension. That dimension is super dangerous and Marco loves telling people about everything he did there. Not to hard to see a Friendship campaign revolving around his stories becoming more popular than Gaston’s stories at a Tavern so Gaston tries to get a Motorcycle of his own or something like that.

So Star and Marco in the Anniversary Update? I think so but must people like disagreeing with me.

But that’s just a theory a DHBM theory!


Hmm, Course Lessons Learned could also be Merlin teaching someone how to behave better like, Arthur. who he is teaching anyways :wink:

Or some other Disney young troublemaker.

Just my two cents also, what mivie is Star from??

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She is not from a movie. She is from a TV show. Star Vs The Forces of Evil.

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Uh…oh that! I think I have heard of it berofe…but I haven’t watched any of it…

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I whole heartedly recommend it.


Still finishing up Gravity Falls right now, but…I will consider it.

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Same. Great show!

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I’m wishing it means Lightning McQueen. Would be hard to get his proportions right, but he is a selfish brat during 1st movie. Would like feature Headlights blind, Rev-up Silence, as well as other stuff I can’t think of (maybe a skill that increases in damage the more it is used, to simulate laps in racing?) Mater would also be nice… tow line could pull enemies closer, as well as tractor tipping do something.?.?

Star is from a TV show

Right, so I have been told.

I don’t know why but I thought Mary Poppins would be a good fit for Merlin’s second disk since they both kind of teach lessons with a little magic

As much as I would like to disagree with @Wave9Nut, I can’t do more but to support their ideas

Interesting Badge choice…

The Cone of Shame??? Really???

Anyway, I like the idea of Mary Poppins!!! :grin:

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That could be.

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Modern shows may be coming since there’s badges for Gravity Falls and I think I saw a new, unreleased badge for That’s So Raven!!!

I get the cone of shame for not being here like I used to lol


I would prefer a amphibia or gravity falls character over star tbh