Mermaid Ariel concept

Entrance:Ariel dives in and out of the water
Ko:Ariel’s trident falls into the water
Win:Ariel raises her trident high
Position:Back row
Basic attack:Ariel lightly slams the trident to the water creating a small wave.
White skill:Stormy rain
Ariel summons a rain storm to the enemies side dealing X damage to all enemies and blinding them for X seconds.
The blinding has a chance to fail against heroes above level X.
Green skill:Maelstrom
At the start of each wave Ariel summons a maelstrom at the start of the enemies dealing X damage 2 times.
Blue skill:Mermaid song
Ariel puts her trident on her tail and sings a healing song healing X of the damage.
Purple skill:Princess of the ocean
Whenever Ariel uses Maelstrom it has a chance to blind the enemies.
The blinding has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
Red skill:Protected by waves.
Whenever Ariel reaches 25% health an oceanic shield appears giving X shield health.
Friends:Ursula and Moana
Ursula’s disk:Good and bad oceans
Whenever Ariel’s starts using her basic attack it gives her even more energy.
Moana’s disk:Oceanic princesses
Whenever Ariel uses Stormy rain it has a chance to slow down a random enemy for 25% and for 0.5 seconds.