Meta and overpowered heros

Before stating this please note I am not commenting on the frequency of these events, just the events themselves.

When a strategy game is build, initially many strategies will be viable because a Nash equalibrium hasn’t yet been reached. This is typically the most fun portion of the game because many strategies can win. Players feel they have the freedom to compete as they choose.

As a game develops however, dominant strategies are replicated and creativity become stagnant. This makes the game far less fun, especially for new players.

The only way to fix this is to create new strategies to alter the meta/dominant strategies. These new strategies are implemented by creating overpowered heroes which force current meta to be abandoned. This changes the game and keeps it fresh.

As a player you have no right to a dominant strategy and games that lack this meta change typically are left only with the top tier of players as new players cannot compete.

Focus should be on making the new meta obtainable for all, and not on the fact they are overpowered. Of course they are overpowered, it’s by design to change the meta.


If what you say comes true, the only one static choice that “I wait for the last strongest character to pay, because any other characters are useless compared to that one” may survive. I will choose, at least.

No this is what I mean by accessibility, the cost of the new character leveling must be reasonable in comparison to the duration of time before the next forced meta change.

This is certainly the ideal; unfortunately, the game all too rarely attains it, either because the new OP hero is available via a method only whales can take full advantage of, or because leveling up heroes is so expensive that only whales and tuna can afford to level up more than one new hero a month.

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I definitely think there needs to be better deals on stamina and the lot that makes it not so outrageously expensive to decently level up a toon. The stamina price for red badges is ridiculous. There needs to be a balance for how expensive those are and the crazy cash amount for 1600 stamina.

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Exactly if everyone could reasonably level up the heroes no one would complain about the turn over on top tier heroes.

Badges are far too costly at the current rate. No badge should be 50 fragments. 30/20/10/5.

We need stackable stamina deals back

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I just used 35000 stamina with double drops to bring one toon from p2 to o7 (no o7 badges achieved) plus another toon from o1 to o5. If I didn’t double drop the gold also I would’ve run out before I could craft the badges. So stamina required/cost per diamond, too high. Gold drops on campaign, to low

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Wait until you get to red badges, and start running out of gold even with a double gold boost.


Lol always out of gold.
Red comes next week. The struggle will be real

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