Mickey appreciation thread

Yep, his whistle is his specialty.

Here’s more.

But yeah, wanted to say that my sone of my favorite Mickey Mouse stories are those where Mickey time travel and you could say explore history and in the author’s perspective they can reimagine history in interesting ways and can play around with history, as well as potentially referencing/letting them meeting historical important people :-).

Here is one example that I found on Google ^^.

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Is this Stitch? Is this Mickey?

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Even Mickey has a toy Stitch!

It’s National Tell a Joke Day!

Here’s one: Mickey isn’t a great character.

Kidding! He is! I love to take pictures with him at Disneyland.

Go Mickey!


image https://thumbs.gfycat.com/EnormousUnawareIndianrhinoceros-size_restricted.gif
Remember when Mickey got outsmarted by a panda and got two black eyes?

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one thing i have mickey related is the 2000 fantasia movie on vhs at my grandma’s. unfortuanally the vcr doesn’t work or sold anymore. :frowning:

Oh too bad that it doesn’t work for you, but if the problem is that you want to watch Fantasia 2000 I would assume that it will be/come on Disney+ and hopefully you get to watch it again then if you want

I am wondering if anyone here would be interested in thanking about the Mickey Mouse comic stories as I think that could be pretty cool :-).

Kingdom Hearts’s King Mickey and/or Timeless River Mickey I am also up for talking about as well as classic Mickey cartoons, since thought it could be interesting to have a discussion in general ^^.

I have a trivia question: what’s the name of the first Mickey cartoon?

To @TherMasterSpooky: Plane Crazy

Yes and I also would’ve accept Steamboat Willie!

Yeah, Plane Crazy was the first produced Mickey short, while Steamboat Willie was the first Mickey short that got released and was the third one produced :-).

I don’t remember the name of the second one, but I do think I remember scenes from it and was the one where Mickey was more like Mortimer at first personality wise and then Pete came and Mickey switched to more so being Mickey and saved Minnie from Pete,

Should be about right if I remember right :-).

Yeah if I remember at first Mickey was gonna be called Mortimer but Walt’s wife was like “I don’t like that name” so now it’s mickey

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That might be right and glad Walt settled on Mickey rather than Mortimer :-).

Mortimer did carry over you could say and Mortimer did become a character and sort of a counterpart to Mickey.

Well I do want to go

Who would win in a fight? Mickey or Remy?

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