Miguel/elsa disk

Hi guys. Sorry if this has been posted before, I may have missed it.

Can anyone who has unlocked Miguel/Elsa disk tell me how or which levels they were when you obtain it?

Both mine are decently powered up (P3s and full enhanced badges) but I am stuck at friend mission 1-3 which baffles me because I have done better with other lower power duos in friend campaigns. There is no getting past Barbossa at 2/3…

I on server 16, P4 is our cap and Elsa has only been introduced to our server.
Any information would be appreciated.

Hi @Bubble-Tea and welcome to the forums

Can you give some more information please? Generally speaking when it comes to friend campaigns the most important thing to know is what level are you characters, as well as what levels their skills are at.

Hi and thanks for replying.
Both are level 81:
Miguel 3stars power 8900, skills 70-70-50-30
Elsa 2stars power 8800, skills 70-70-50-40

I guess I’ll be struggling the whole way up but I just want to know what power levels will be sufficient for them to get the disk eventually before attempting again. Trying to save as much friend stamina as I can :grin:

I unlocked this disc with

  1. Elsa O3, lv 105, all skills maxed
  2. Miguel lv 86, P0, 4 skills are 28-27-12-10

In this friend campaign, because Miguel does no damage, so if your Elsa is strong then she can do all the work.

Hope this helps

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Wow that is one strong Elsa you’ve got :star_struck:

Thanks for that. I’ve got a long way to go but at least now I know to just focus on upping Elsa.

I don’t remember what level I was when I got that disc but you are probably having 2 main problems.
First is your skill levels, try to keep them as high as they can go. A level 80 character with level 70 skills is pretty much the same as a level 71 character. Focus especially on ones that only damage/help people above/below a certain level first.
The second (and most common) difficulty with friend campaigns comes down to timing. Most of the time you can’t set these fights to auto and expect to win them. Because you are limited to using certain characters you have to fight more strategically. These is especially true when you are forced to use Miguel because he doesn’t do any damage and actually he is better if you DON’T use his special skill until you really need to. Try and save it for when you need to stun your enemies. And make sure you aren’t using Elsa’s special at all during the first wave, it’s better when you can to take a full bar into a new wave and start it with an advantage.


Thank you Skellington. I have tried non-auto attacks but its not working.

I think once my heroes (aka Elsa) are powered up I’ll be fine. Just need to be patient haha.

Thanks for helping out :grin:

Any time @Bubble-Tea. Stick with it, you’d be amazed how much of a difference it can make of you just change the timing of setting off special attacks, even just a tiny bit.

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Also, stick around on forums

We nose alot about the game, and about puns and pther silliness! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I have Elsa O1 and Miguel lvl 84 P4, with maxed skills and fully enhanced chips. I cant get past the thief on lvl 3-1 of Tulip Lane. Very frustrate.