Misogyny in the Spring into Battle Event/Contest?


Merida & Vanellope both wear green clothing, are female & have been excluded from this Event…:no_mouth:
Any believable non-sexist rationale?


Players want to be able to beat all levels of City Watch using the selected heroes. Those two simply aren’t the greatest for CW.


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I see your Merida and Vannelope and raise you a Mad Hatter. Seriously he’s a brand new hero who is head to toe in green. Maybe not as much as say Rex or Mike but definitely one who should be included imo. I don’t believe it to be because those heroes are some godly lineup in CW or surge. I do have to wonder how Maui is considered a “green hero” though. He is only green because of his tribal skirt. By that logic Stitch is green because he wears a hula skirt in his victory pose.

In all seriousness it’s probably something where they went with heroes who are on all the servers. Although Vannelope is a starter hero so shrugs got me.


Vanelope is green?? Isnt she like blue, white, and red stripes?? Where did anyone get the green??

have I been seeing her wrong this whole time??

Also, Merida’s started outfit is kinda blue. Not a bright green like Rex or Mike.

(I always thought she has a blue dress)

As for Mad Hatter, perhaps, as he is only in VIP crate, Perblue decided to not include him in consideration of the F2P.

Which, if that is the case, I salute them for that small insight.


Full list of excluded heroes with green at any point on them:
Yax - has some green beads on his necklace
Merida - Bluish green dress
Tia Dalma - I’m pretty sure part of her necklace is the same green as Merida
Maleficent - Her eyes are green
Scar - Same as Mal
Buzz Lightyear - His spacesuit is green all over
Vanellope - Almost all of her clothing is green
Sally - Some of her patches are green
Mad Hatter - He should be the head of St. Patrick’s Day since he’s so green
Ursula - I can’t quite tell, but I think her eyes are green.

Conclusion: Ol’ Walt never trusted any green-eyed folk.


Wrong about Buzz though!!

Also, you missed Jessie who has some green. Buzz is selected.

Plz keep in mind, that Perblue has NEVER done more than five heroes for the power up event. :grin:

Maui’s leaf clothing make up roughly 25% of his total person. I do not think Merida has the right color of green, nor do I think that she would think she is lucky. Vanelope does t need any more luck!!


That’s a whoops with Buzz, and I didn’t notice Jesse’s eyes, thanks.


Not to be rude but this is such a stupid complaint. So many characters also have green. There are much more better things to be doing than worrying about this.


Also kind of ashamed to share the Stitch name with you lol


This is wierd how Rex and Mike were described as “green-wearing” heroes. Like, what? Rex and Mike? They don’t even have a tiny piece of clothes! They’re not green-wearing, they’re green-colored.


Hmm remember those old cartoons where the characters are often leaped out of their skin?? :sweat_smile:

Maybe that is their deal?? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: