Mission Stacking


I can no longer stack missions like I could before. I wanted to try get a head start on the new contest and put some of my villians in missions. But I can’t start the same mission without finishing the old one first.


Since when could people stack missions?! I’ve NEVER seen that… It would be great, but the whole point is you go in, collect your reward and then start again or start a new one, not just say “I wanna do this five times, see ya in 10 hours”…


Theoretically, you can Start another Mission of the same Hero, given that you have the required materials, the needed Heroes are available, and the Previous Mission is finished.


No not stack in that sense. As in you don’t collect from the mission after it is finished but you can restart it. I can no longer do it.


I never even knew that was a thing… I’ve always had to collect from a mission before restarting it…


You can always cancel a mission which grants you all the resources spent back. Kinda a good deal that I havr used a few times…