Mobile data bug

Hello many players only come into the game via Wi-Fi. Mobile data update failed. Please repair and, if necessary, make a decision. Thank you for your support. Server 14


What do you mean?

Are you talking about trying to download an update while using Data because that’s never a good idea with a game this large?

No I only come into the game with Wi-Fi

Aber wenn ich unterwegs bin nicht mehr.

Happened to me once my data wouldnt work unless with vpn or a different wifi for 20 mins

All internet was normal just the connection to the game wasnt going through for nearly 20 mins idk if this is from my network provider or the gMe though

We don’t block connections to the server, so likely this is something that your service provider is doing to block your access. You may want to contact them to find out why the connection is failing.


Das ist seid dem letzten Update so bitte prüfen Sie es selber. Habe Android. Ich bin nicht der einzige der das Problem hat. Irgend etwas blockiert halt die mobile Daten aber nicht mein netzbetreiber. Sorry

I have this problem too. Since the last update I was able to get into the thru my mobile data but after the update I can’t. It has nothing to do with my provider since my provider is also the one I get into the game via Wi-Fi. I already filled a ticket for the support. A lot of Germans having the this problem and we all are not having the same provider

Little side note if I start the game with Wi-Fi and then switch to my mobile data while I am in the game it works. If I want to start the game with my mobile data it says content update failed every time

I actually have the same problem, can only access the game when connected to a WiFi.

Ist auf Server 16 auch so!!!
Macht den Spielspaß kaputt!

Man kann nichtmal von unterwegs schnell die Energie einsammeln oder mal schnell ein paar Kämpfe in der Invasion bestreiten


Make sure that you have a strong connection

Of course I tried everything. I never had any problems with it just since that one recent update it’s not possible to get in the with my mobile data and you want to tell me it’s not the fault of per blue? I reinstalled the game. I talked with my provider. I changed my dns nothing works and I don’t have any problems with other connections just my mobile data

I’m sorry to hear that but if you read Polaris’ earlier comment you’ll know that it’s not their fault.

It’s not the fault of me or my provider either and the problem just occurred since the update and that is my problem

Have you contacted support in-game? They may have more specific details about what’s occurring.

Yes I have but no answer till now

Yeah same here. Since weekend. Talked to my provider and checked all new settings in Android 10. nothing helps. And as far every app is working on mobile data, it’s the games fault

Same Problem here. Can‘t start the game with mobile data. As I read in the ingame chat it happens with iOS and Android.

Over a week now that this bug is around and nothing mentioned about it, I’m scared that this will be a longer Lasting problem :confused:

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