Mod upgrades Jack skeliton

I have a BD mod on Jack skeliton (I have noticed that there is no fantastic crit on the items you equip on him from white to red max only normal crit) what is adviced to apply normal crit, fantastic crit or attack speed?

Common sense is to not put fantastic crit as the upgrade unless you can keep upgrading the upgrade. Jack should be better off with a normal crit unless his attack speed is slow

His attack sp is low but more crit is always welcome

I’m sorry what? Skellington can’t deal any normal damage, normal crit mods would be a huge waste.
But he doesn’t need fantastic crit either since he has none.

So I’d go with attack speed.


Final decision attack speed is optional?

It’s your own opinion. You have yours, I have mine

If u wanna using jack, have to team up with animal

I also using him with animal,randall, hades and donald

His purple skill is recovery other allies
so i using him as a healer

Or mushu instead of anger

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That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact.


NEVER put a Normal Crit mod on jack. It’d be a complete waste.

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