Mods: December 2020

We’d like your feedback on Mods.

We had ideas at the beginning to give players the ability to disassemble mods into mod fragments. Is this something that you would find useful in the game?
Any other feedback on mods?


This feature could be really useful for players investing in a very low amount of heroes, including myself. So yeah, looking forward to it.

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No. I have all the mod fragments I could ever dream of. If it was upgrade pieces, let’s say 100 of each for the mod’s type, then that would be great. Upgrade pieces are very hard to come by, 90 pieces for a type every 6 weeks is absurd when some upgrades- for a single mod, on a single hero- can cost up to 100 pieces (maybe more, I haven’t gone past +120 levels on my Nick yet).


We need a shop where we can buy everyday mods (hp, basic, skill mods for all colors). Let us buy them with gold (for the ones without upgrades) and a low diamond cost (100-500 diamonds) for higher level mods (+50 or +80 mods). This could really help us get more different mods for the heroes that we need. It’s far too annoying that there aren’t enough mods to equip on your heroes.

Also let us upgrade mods without having to spend on hero chips. It’s so hard for the latest servers to upgrade mods because it’s too hard to get enough chips. Please help us alleviate that


Funny thing is surplus chips is still an issue. Without mods then how will the chips be used?

They could be sold. I’d rather have a surplus than be in need of thousands of chips…


For diamonds :heart_eyes:


Mmmm… not really? Depends how much fragments, plus as said above, upgrade pieces are better option.



Don’t know if you guys are aware but mods are still pretty glitchy. Always need to equip, level up - error occurs - then do it again and it works. Not sure why but I always have to do it twice.


It does the same thing to me too

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How about getting mods from anywhere other than invasion.

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All players are strong enough to reach tier 4 :neutral_face:

I’m not sure how would it work? If the idea is to disassemble the mod and reassemble without losing anything in the process, including hero chips , then yes, it would be a very nice improvement!

Yes! Please make mods easier to obtain. I have literally only gotten 2 blue skill mods since I’ve started playing in August. I know there were some in crates but the diamond cost of them is crazy beyond tier 1.

Also, it would be great if Attuning was removed and you could equip them on any hero you want.

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I have an idea about SP mods (but also BD and HP mods) where… instead of attaching multiple armor/reality/starting shields HP, normal/fant.crit/atk.speed BD and green/blue/purple SP we could only equip one mod of a certain kind on hero as:
1x reality HP
1x armor HP
1x green SP
1x blue SP

And I was thinking that the overall boosts would be increased to roughly 2 mods worth of what they are currently.
HP mods would provide 5%/10%/15%/20% of Max HP as Armor/Reality and 10…40% as Starting Shields.
BD mods would provide 15/30/45/60 Normal or Fant.Crit (increase from 32) and Attack Speed increased to 10%/20%/30%/40%.
For SP mods the game in general would have to be updated to scale 50 levels above the cap as does the existing ones.
And the bonus levels would stay. +40 Levels generally do boost similar to +90 levels in the current system (when using a certain tool on the internet).

The rule mentioned earlier would be only imposed if that particular mod already has the 4th upgrade.
Otherwise you can not combine mods totalling above:
20% of Max HP as Armor/Reality and 40% of MHP for Starting Shields
60 Normal or Fant.Crit and 40% Attack Speed
40 “Exponential” Green/Blue/Purple Levels.

Overall I sum up my idea as an “Upgrade Refresher”. Most heroes that have some combination of multiple SP same level upgraded or the others can get a little bit too crazy overall. This would be a slight limitation while allowing more variety.

Ew. Disgusting. Unnecessary. Unwanted.



Your idea will make mods totally useless and players’ current HARD work and LONG farming will be wasted. Nothing like this is needed.

It’s just stupid and will make people leave.


Only one equippable, double effectiveness. Seems like a good pay off to me.

This is the playerbase, not the PB-base.

How many heroes exactly need more than two of the SAME MOD to be good? Nick, Jack, few more? Not that many tho.

And those crazy will finally get the place they deserve. Not making the teams near unbeatable (e.g. Li Shang), but semi-unbeatable.

Everything is counterable…

Not to mention poor mentioning of only two heroes out of many more, oh, and you mentioned only beta heroes, bravo, let’s make worse even worse. :clap:
Just what people are waiting for, to make their money spend to be wasted.

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