Momi concept

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…I think you know what I’m about to say


Yes but this is not Disney uh please just please do not criticize me for my absolute coolness and creativity I waited 2 months to make this

That’s too much concepts today. Maybe you should slow down and do one every 3-5 days maybe?


Wow just wow. First what if there are kids in the game?

Just going to note, this is way too inappropriate.

You use words like “kill” and this character, isn’t very appropriate. Are you really expecting for PB to add this? Momi and the other one is basically Minnie and Mickey but Rated R. You’re merely being delusional about all this.

Regarding the concept?

Not gonna bother.

I’m out now. :hear_no_evil:


Mokey show is for kids 10+

Funny, totally not including curse words.

Look at a wiki page for Mokey and Moni.


Sr. Pelo usually does PG-13 stuff, including Mokey…


I know I am a beeg mokey fan

lets sum up my thoughts into a big post that i should have posted earlier. maybe im going too hard but i doubt it

Totally agree with this. Don’t joke about anything bad Genie; it won’t end well for you. Really.

How could you have know that Mokey is PG-13? You said it was for 10 year olds!

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