Monterey Jack Hero Concept

Monterey Jack
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

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Stats and Information

Role - Damage

Trial Team - Yellow

Position - Front

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “Better lay off the nuts, lad. You are what ya eat, ya know.”

Bio - Monty will use his Incredible appetite, gourmet cooking skills, Australian might, and Rescue Ranger know how to make sure the creeps don’t know what hit um.


Entrance - Monty walks into battle and cracks his knuckles

Victory - Monty leaps into the air with one of his fists raised.

Defeat - Monty falls of backwards landing flat on his back.


White Skill - Cheesy (True Damage)
Passive: Instead of a Basic attack every 3 seconds Monty applies a stack of cheese to a random enemy.

Active: Monty leaps towards enemies who have stacks of cheese dealing x damage. For each stack of cheese an enemy has Monty deals x more damage and applies study for 3 seconds per stack of cheese. If an enemy has 5 or more stacks of cheese Monty has a chance to instantly K.O them.
The instant K.O has a chance to fail on enemies above level x.

Green Skill - Big Appetite (Fantastic Damage)
Monty flips a pile of cheese flapjacks at the closest enemy dealing x damage. The enemy that the flapjacks hit has their attack and movement speed slowed by 60% for 8 seconds. If the enemy is already slowed it deals double the amount of damage and Monty immediately does this attack again this time aimed at a random enemy. Monty keeps using this skill until he hits an enemy who’s not slowed.

Blue Skill - Shoulder Slam (Fantastic Damage)
Monty slams into the closest enemy with his shoulder dealing x damage and applying 2 stacks of fatigue. If the enemy is slowed then he deals x more damage over time for 7 seconds.

Purple Skill - Slight Snack
Monty is healed x for each stack of cheese he consumes during “Cheesy

Red Skill - Edible Entree
If Monty hits 2 or more enemies with “Big Appetite” he gains x armor and gains the ability to sap enemies for 9 seconds on “Shoulder Slam
Cheesy” now saps each enemy for 5 seconds for each stack of cheese they have.

  • x Skill power
  • x True damage on “Cheesy
  • 2 stacks of fatigue on “Shoulder Slam


Monterey Jack and Winnie the Pooh
Name - Snack Time

Description - When enemies are studied Monty deals more normal damage on his attacks


  • Whenever an enemy is studied Monty deals x% more damage on his attacks but this time as normal damage.


  • +x Skill power
  • +x Max hp
  • +x reality

Monterey Jack and Chip and Dale
Name - Me Little Pals

Description - Increase enemy slows.


  • When enemies are slowed by another ally Monty increases the slow by x%


  • +x tenacity
  • +x starting energy
  • +x Max hp
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