More Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers reps!

With the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie out on Disney Plus, I think it would be the perfect opportunity to add more characters to represent the franchise. As with who they would be, I feel the obvious choices would be Monterey Jack, the only remaining member of the Rescue Rangers who isn’t in the game already, Fat Cat, one of the main antagonists from the show, Professor Nimnul, the other main antagonist from the show, Sweet Pete, the main antagonist from the movie, though he would be in his bootleg form that we see him in at the end of the movie, and his two lackeys from the movie, Bob the Viking and Jimmy the Polar Bear.Norton_Nimuel


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Fat Cat and Monterey Jack would be good


Friendships of Fat Cat : Cheshire Cat and Professor Nimnul
Monterrey Jack : Chip and Dale and maybe Ron Stoppable
Professor Nimnul : Dr. Drakken and Megavolt

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