More Guild perks-where art thou?

O @Loutre , O @Loutre , where art thou new guild perks. Feel like you montagues (developers) and capulets (support) ignoring our pleas. We players are like sharks, and our hopes for more jet out with each update. If they don’t come soon, can you guys at least change the current consumble timeframes?

The top guilds only being allowed to buy guild crates daily with influence generated is lame, boring… in fact feels like a dagger through our hearts (not literally of course) especially when promised more would be looked into last q and a and seems ignored, yet plenty of time for you guys to create new badges for color ranks , updates that tend to cause more bugs then those fixed, etc. I’m sure you guys got busy schedules and doing your jobs, but somethings got to change if you don’t want players to continue their doom and gloom feelings for a well illustrated game.

I think a quick fix would to change at least the badge crates to 2-3 day cool down instead 7 days at least. Badge crates find more useful at times then the guild crate.

Maybe a little creativity would get your attention more for our pleas hence the theatre references to get point across, and will keep writing topics and support tickets pleading for more even if my hope for more lately seems on life support Becuase I believe my comments represent whales, guppies, ftp, and those that quit concerns all around when I post things like this. We just want middle ground, not the whole Disney palace here. Thank-you.


Yeah and thanks for the game update ruining invasion for me. It’s real annoying…

Changing the badge booster time would be a nice short-term solution to lack of decent guild perks. The guild crates are basically useless and purchased 6 just today since fix and cap increase - or influence would be wasted.

If Badge Booster could be changed to a daily cooldown timer, that would be great and seemingly easy code change :grin:


Of course they are more useful. Badge crate give yellow/red badges while guild crate give white/green badges.

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Was just trying to put it politely, Lol.

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