More Guild Ranks

it would be great to be able to promote people that earn it within the guild without having to make them an officer. Can we please get a couple more Guild ranks?

For what reason?
What exactly would you like adding? They can be promoted to Veteran now without being an Officer.
It would seem pointless to add another rank without giving anyone who holds it some responsibility. What would you propose this new rank should/shouldn’t be capable of?

I think this would largely be a prestige thing related to people’s ego’s. People in top 20 guilds get ornery when they’re “only” a member. Whales often get ornery when they’re “only” a veteran, even if they know they don’t take on any officer responsibilities. I agree that I would also kinda like to see 4 functionally equivalent (i.e. no special functionality) but different ranks that could be given out based on whatever criteria the guild sets (i.e. highly active people that carry the guild in different game modes, mentorship roles, etc). The gap between Veteran and Officer is very wide for most guilds, so having a couple more levels helps to convey this.

From a functionality perspective, I would also like to see a “Warlord” rank added that allows people to take the strategic lead (or provide assistance) for War management without them having the ability to kick other members.

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What if Leaders/Champions had the ability to nickname individual members’ rank and toggle their abilities? Eg, a Star Wars themed guild could give a member access to War management but not to kicking other members, and change their title to “General Kenobi”.

I feel this would be a much more flexible way to add new guild ranks, and significantly improve guild leadership. :slightly_smiling_face:

(PS: if enough people agree with this/want me to go further into detail on the idea, I’ll make a topic dedicated to it.)


I like that idea!
As a champion I would also like to have a different title, like announcer (because I tell my guild the info from the forums)
Or cheerleader as I like to cheer on the team, TEEEEAAAM RIOT!

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The main problem I see with this (although I’m not a fan of the idea generally in all honesty) is that it will be completely confusing to new members/non guild members.
As it is, if you join a guild you have an instantly recognisable hierarchy of who is who within the guild. Likewise if you are talking to someone from another guild (about recruiting, strategies, perks etc) you automatically have some idea of their credibility just by checking their rank (not that members or veterans have no credibility but it’s a benchmark).
By adding in custom ranks that are individual to a particular guild, or by having (in my opinion) an excessive amount of ranks then people lose the ability to quickly establish who they are talking to.

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Maybe make it limited. Like you can change officer, but all officers get the same title, or all members. So it’s still a little custom but uniform, can do the same with adding extra ranks. When creating the rank you name it, use a slider to choose where it is in the rank list so the game knows how to sort people by rank, and a short list of toggles for permissions of the new rank. No more than a handful of options. One would just give that rank all powers an officer has, one for giving that rank power to manipulate war teams, and I don’t know what else. You could literally fit all that on the screen at the same time without things being cluttered, with an info button telling you everything each permission does for the new rank. It can be done without being confusing.