Mother Gothel - not removing Gaston buffs

Mother Gothel is not removing Gaston buffs. Bug or intended?

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I am fairly certain that the red skill about Stabbingtons removing the buffs is level locked. Although it´s not written. @Nugget any help?

It’s not level locked, for my Gothel it always works with her red skill underleveled. And it does remove Gaston’s buffs too for me so it’s not the specific interaction either

This is the first instance where I see them fail to remove buffs. They usually shred through notoriously hard to kill heroes like Hades and Ian like butter regardless of level.

Here is the lineup (coliseum)

I was able to easily reproduce this in chat spar vs purple Gaston

The invulnerability from Megara is also not being removed by the brothers.

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