Mowgli disney hero concept

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Plz Do not Ignore my ConceptI I am begging you plz don’t.
I think that my concept was a meh. Tell me what you think

That picture is horrifying :eyes: !!!

Also why are your skills out of order?


Kinda harsh, but true unfortunetly…

I would recommend just using the original pictures of the character instead. Me personally, I would also never include own drawings, as I know they won’t be good. So, I would also use the original stuff.


Also, please stop saying things like this, as they just makes you look desperate for attention:

  1. Not trying to insult your drawing skills, but maybe next time you should find a picture of the next character that you’re doing a concept for instead of drawing a picture of them yourself.

  2. Not only are your skills out of order, but the purple and red skills are usually passive skills that buffs a character in somebody.

I know, I will delete it

Your not insulting my drawing skill Myeong


Well, you put un the right section this time. But, your information is all over the place making it look messy. You are very vague on details with your skills and added info that is not really necessary.

As for your picture, I would agree with Lucas when they say to add the picture of the hero instead of drawing it yourself. Work smarter not harder.

I can see your trying your hardest but I seriously think that you should look at the guide. It will really help you in the long run.

Buddy I’m going to have to start reporting these as spam if you don’t start making them properly. We have explained the making process to you enough times at this point.

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I sincerely hope the person who made this train wreck is trolling, because this feels like it was made by someone who only read one concept and then just went to make one themselves while not putting in any effort whatsoever.

Apologies for the bluntness, but you’re one to talk about poorly-made concepts…


you know i’m here

i am a starter! Give me time

i can’t tell if you’re trolling or just young, either way you should keep this up I had a great laugh at this :joy:

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He’s probably young

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i am I am young

How old are you. Because you may not be old enough to be in the forums in the first place.

I’m with you on this

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