Mowgli's Hero Concept

Welcome to this new Hero Concept! Today we’re going to do a jungle concept…it’s Mowgli time!

Team: Blue
Stars: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Mid-Line

Description: Attention, please! The human elephant is coming! Mowgli is ready to damage the enemies with his jungle kicks and stun them with a jar and some crows!

Quote: You don’t scare me! I won’t run from anyone!

Basic Attack: Mowgli kicks the furthest enemy, dealing X normal damage.

White Skill, Walking like the Elephants: Mowgli walks the Track like an elephant until he returns to his starting position after 6 seconds. During this time, Mowgli is invincible, healing himself and all of his allies for X HP per second, and cleansing himself and the allies.

Green Skill, Working Jar: Normal Damage
Mowgli carries a jar, but he breaks it near the enemy with the most energy, stealing X energy, dealing X normal damage, and stunning him for X seconds.

Blue Skill, Directed Crows: Fantastic Damage Mowgli calls the ravens, who rush at the two enemies with the highest armor, stealing X armor from them, stunning them for X seconds and dealing X damage to them.

Purple Skill, Jungle Passion: Whenever he uses “Walking like the Elephants”, Mowgli increases his Max HP by X and also becomes Insane for X seconds.

Red Skill, Energy and Armor: At the start of each wave, Mowgli gains X armor for X seconds and an additional X Regenerated Energy.

When an enemy is stunned by Mowgli or his allies, that enemy loses X Max HP.

  • X Basic Damage
  • X Armor
  • X Normal Damage to “Straight Crows”


Baloo: “The Jungle of Idleness”



  • X Basic Damage
  • X Max HP
  • X additional damage to “Working Jar”


• Mowgli distractes all the enemies for X seconds with “Walking like the Elephants”.

Allies: King Louie, Little John, Donald Duck

Bagheera: “Help after the Villains”



  • X Armor
  • X Reality
  • X Evasion


• When he reaches 20% of his Maximum HP, Mowgli snares a casual enemy for X seconds once for wave.

Allies: Kaa, Maleficent, Mother Gothel

I hope you liked this concept!

This concept is now in my hero concepts list!

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