Mr. Big and Baloo Campaign is too hard

Seriously, it’s already a big fat lie to say the level difficulty is 226. Mr. Big and Baloo are already at level 235, with Mr. Big at Red 16 with tons Skill power upgrades, and I still can’t beat these fights.

The biggest problem is every time that a godforsaken Slinky Dog is put into a match. He’s a already a broken character who regenerates shields way too fast, but to CONSTANTLY put him with characters that make him even more broken is just ridiculous.

Did Perblue even test these fights? Probably not, because they should have known by now that Baloo is 100% not a character who can help with these fights. He’s a healer and charmer, two skills that are 100% not helpful in taking down those stupid shields.

If any patch updates are coming, can you please get Slinky Dog removed from the campaign? I’ve seriously tried every combination and timing technique possible to win these fights dozens of times, and he’s just an unfair pain with the characters assigned to the campaign.


Slinky Dog is a good tank but I seriously hate him in friend campaigns! I still remember the time I struggled too much with him in Kermit-Gonzo’s campaign.

Who on earth think it is a good idea to put him in friend campaign!!!

P/s: have you tried using power-ups?


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Four of them!

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That was hell! I used 33 power-ups AND the muppet power-up event to pass that campaign!

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Well, they can move slinky to later in the campaign and have shan yu as an ally

I did this campaign just like a week ago and it was pretty easy (on S1). Don’t remember a Slinky in chapter 1

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Slinky shouldn’t even be difficult to deal with in the campaign. If you are able to spam Mr. Big’s active with his Baloo disk at thd beginning of the wave Slinky is in (usually waves 2 or 3) then you can just defeat Slinky before his passive shield goes up.

I know. It’s how I dealt with Slinky to beat the campaign

If anything, Sally will be hard to deal with. Sally.

This is not the same server

:sparkles: Wow, such a sufficient amount :sparkles:

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-_- They don’t exactly hand those out too much.

Power-ups can’t be obtained via missions, I guess

I’ve only seen them in small quantities in contests and in paid packages.

yeah kermit n gonzo is hell… i got like more than 30 power ups to pass the campaign… it sucks

power ups could be obtain through friend missions but with the power up rewards not disk power or memories. abt 15 of those should be sufficient…

kermit n gonzo is way worse…

Oh, I had no idea. I’ll check it out. Thank you.

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I made it through this campaign with only, like, 5-6 power-ups. On Server 21.


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