Mr. Incredible + Woody Does it Stack?

So i was wondering, cause at cant tell, but does woody’s bonus stack with Mr. I when he is in bezzerker mode? Same goes for Hopps’s bonus to speed does it stack with Mr. I’s +400%?

Any one know?

I don’t have an answer, but I’ve also wondered if Judy and Woody stack…like, if you have Woody charged, are you wasting his white if you trigger it at the start when Judy’s buff is on?

PERBLUE give us answers! Logically speaking and thinking about programming, I would say that yes it does stack even though it isn’t evident

They already have answered this.

Maybe try to find the answer before demanding it

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I was not demanding, I was just not sure if it had been answered or where. I hoped someone had seen it and there you have. Thank you

Didn’t mean you, but the post before my reply.
Edited to make it clearer, sorry for that.

XD sorry you took it that way I was messing around! XD my apologies but you shouldn’t take me very seriously…

No worries all Good there needs to be a sarcasm font

Oh my gosh that is brillaint!!!

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