Mr. Monopoly concept

Mr. Monopoly concept

Stars at beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Yellow

Entrace: Mr. Monopoly walks towards his position, during his walk he throws money and property cards
Victory: Mr. Monopoly jump on one leg, each time changing leg and throws money around him.
Defeat: Mr. Monopoly accidentally hits hisself with cane, and then falls on his back.

Basic attack: Mr. Monopoly hits the nearest opponent with his cane.


White skill: Rain of dices :sparkles:
Mr. Monopoly throws at enemies 10 dices, each dice deal X damage to random enemy.
Each dice have 30% chance to cause ‘‘Unluck’’ on enemy for 10 seconds.

Enemies marked with ‘‘Unluck’’ have their timers of debuffs reseted and will always receive debuff no matter what.

Green skill: Go to Jail!
Mr. Monopoly wear handcuffs on his closest enemy, this enemy will be marked with ‘‘Handcuffs’’ debuff for 10 seconds.

Enemy with ‘‘Handcuffs’’ is stunned, have all buffs stealed and can’t be healed by any source.
This debuff can’t be removed if enemy have ‘‘Unluck’’ debuff, and each try of removing it will extend duration of ‘‘Handcuffs’’ by 5 seconds.

Buffs stealing have chance to fail if enemy is higher than X level.

Blue skill: Property owning
Mr. Monopoly shows his best property card, charming random enemy for 10 seconds and stunning other random enemy for 12 seconds. He also steals 20% of their armor and reality for the remainder of the wave.
Charmed enemy have increased basic damage by 200%.

Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple skill: Old man’s luck
Mr. Monopoly is immune to all debuffs and heals X HP each time he blocked debuff.
Every 3rd basic attack Mr. Monopoly remove all debuffs from random ally.

Debuff removing on other allies have chance to fail on allies above level X.

Red skill: Board game rules
‘‘Unluck’’ now also remove all buffs from enemies.
Mr. Monopoly receive 30% less damage per each active ‘‘Unluck’’ on enemies, up to 80% reduction.

Buff removing have chance to fail on enemies higher than level X.

Additional stat boosts:

  • more HP
  • more armor
  • bigger basic damage


Oogie Boogie - Game of cheating


Bigger chance to apply '‘Unluck’'

  • +X basic damage
  • Enemies with ‘‘Unluck’’ lose X armor
  • Each dice from [Rain of dices] have 5% more chance to apply ‘‘Unluck’’ on enemy (+5% per star)

Scrooge McDuck - Old fortune


More gold from battles

  • +X basic damage
  • +X armor to Mr. Monopoly and allies
  • [Go to Jail!] deal X true damage
  • Gold reward increase by 20% from all battles (+20% per star)

Dices falling on enemies can be painful if they are big if they are small this cant realy hurt

Woah, woah, woah. You come up with a way to explain pieces you think is illogical, and I’ll use mine, okay?

But dices can hurt. They are dense and not hollow. And when they fell from above and hit someone’s head, it could still release an “ow” from them. So, many of them could deal quite the damage.

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You both forget about Oogie Boogie using DICE in one of his skills. :no_mouth:


Not really. I just didn’t include it. Because Oogie’s dice don’t exactly fall from the sky.

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