Mulan Replacement ideas

Hey y’all. Do you guys have any idea what is good replacement for mulan would be? She doesn’t seem as amazing as she was, and my arena buddies are messing me around. Y’all have any ideas what I would do?

what is your team?

If you cant see the picture, the team is mulan, maximus, Kristoff, Ian, and fear. My team changes sometimes, but that is one that I use. Thank you!

well I´m not the best in this things of making teams but

  1. mulan is very good, but if want to replace her is ok

  2. you can put a secondary tank like jack sparrow, piggy or other things like those

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Okay. Thank you, bahaha I’ll keep mulan then.

Piggy has succumbed to power creep and really isn’t worth using anymore, and Sparrow hasn’t been useful in over a year.


sorry I don´t use them a lot, I thought they were good at that, you can give your suggestions too

If you can, work on Cheshire, that cat is annoyingly strong. He single-hand destroys my team…multiple times…

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Okay, I will pay more attention to him. Thank you!


Your team is great, and Mulan is one of the best characters for damage, but if you want to replace him try peakley or disgust, they are great

Thank you! I’ve been using Disgust in variations of my team, and I might look at leveling Pleakley too

I agree your best bet is Cheshire Cat.

he is useful, but only with a heavy investment… so overall yeah unless you pump everything into him he´s trash

I don’t agree at all. I’ve seen my Piggy defeating Max, Ian or Cheshire more than once! :smirk: But she is only useful when linked to Megara…

I’m using Miss Piggy on my back-up team, was thinking about replacing EVE for her.

Use Cheshire Cat. He can counter all invisible enemies and does a crazy amount of damage. Including disk of hank and dory he is 2 much op. I’ll post a screenshot in with his stat on level 139

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