Multi-hero team Chaos

Working on a new team idea. Trying to play off how some heroes create new heroes that also have health and are targets for the opposition. Firstly trying to assemble the full list, who has these abilities?

  • Jasmine - Control
  • Bunsen and Beaker - Damage
  • Kristoff and Sven - Support
  • Hiro - Control
  • Mother Gothel - Damage
  • Quackerduck - Control
  • Sarah Sanderson - Control
  • The Horned King - Control
  • Esmeralda - Support
  • ?

I’m sure there are more. (Edit: more are now added as suggested below)
Then I want to work out how to optimize one team of them.

Anything else to add to my idea? It’s not a meta killer or anything, but could be fun!

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Sarah Sanderson, the Horned King, and Quackerjack, as well.

I suspect your best bet for a team would be Bunsen & Beaker(Gi), Kristoff & Sven(Ki) (using SP mods with green skill upgrades, if possible), Hiro(Da), Mother Gothel, and Quackerjack(Sl).

Ohh… I like that. I definitely missed those guys. I’ll have to look at how they work together more, but at least I can start building them up for a test. :slight_smile:

Esmeralda summons Djali


Good catch; she might help the team more than Bunsen would.

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I’ve done research and if you get dealing from esmarelda out he has the most health in the game

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Ok, I’ll need to check them out too. I’ll try and add them to the above post.

As part of the goal is to make many targets on the field, the horned king is a great addition. For my team I won’t use him as a personal preference.

Similarly, I’ll keep Bunsen and Beaker as they add so many targets to the field, with B&B and the horned king and Mother Gothel (plus 2 others) you could add 14 targets to the field, aside from the 5 individual heroes. That is pretty amazing.

Tank role though… I can’t find someone that explicitly fills this role, so I wonder if the sheer number of other targets can perform this duty?

The Stabbington brothers seem like they would sort of fill that role, assuming you can get them out on the field quickly enough; for that, you may want Ursula’s disk for Gothel. Djali can also fill that role, again assuming Esmeralda last long enough to summon him.

Nick adds Skill Power for each ally, and also shares skill power with allies
So I would add him in there for more damage too

That was certainly the next thing I was wanting to look at, whether there were any heroes in particular that could be injected into this to take advantage of having so many allies on the field at once.

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Sadness gains stacks of Sorrow and ups her stats everytime an ally KO’d. This could make her quite deadly if teammates keep being spawned and KO’d.

Also, with Horned King’s Disgust disk, he gains energy every time an ally or enemy is KO’d. That however requires at least finishing the first chapter of the friendship. The effect is limited to every 4 seconds and can only be fully effective with the disk maxed.


A Hércules: tanque

That’s another great idea. I hate facing sadness when she gets going!

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Nick’s white skill summons the little hamster, and Snow White summons the animals with most of her skills, and Aurora summons Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, and Ariel summons the blue fish with her blue skill, and the Queen of Hearts summons her cards

Yes, but they don’t meet this qualification:

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I love how you are both still thinking about this!

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There’s also Davy Jones who can summon an artifact on the field that can take separate damage

Hmmm… I wonder if it’s classes as an ally for other heroes skills?
Good point.

Phil creates a training dummy which gets auto-targeted but it doesn’t do damage.

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