Multi-hero team Chaos

I dont think Phil’s dummy is treated as an ally. I think it just a distraction. Hiro’s bot is an ally with an HP bar, and is capable of receiving buffs and debuffs. I think Davy Jones’ chest may be treated as an ally unit on the field as well. But i am not sure of that.

Both have an HP bar.

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Bo peep also has a skill that leverages the death of allies to increase her own durability. I’m sure there are more. I also still like nick as he shares the skill power back to his allies!

Esmeralda might be an interesting option too.

-If you can prevent her from being ko’ed early she can set up her ally. Also her white skill could energize other teammates. (This would require a little investment into leveling up her white skill though and the setup to keep her alive long enough to use her white skill).

Fairy God mother also has a disk that speeds up energized allies. When paired with Esmeralda’s white skill this can build alot of TEAM energy quickly (especially of you have other speed or energy skills) Plus FGM can heal everyone and has the potential to energize people herself.

If Esmeralda has teammates like Nick, Hiro, Bunsen or Horned King their white skills will continually summon more allies.

If you happen to have Sadness she will keep getting her boost from allies being ko’ed.

its even possible to take this further if you wanted to use a spot on your team for Frozone who has a disk that boosts Tank’s damage by 25% or Hades who has his Meg Disk that boost DOT damage by 200%.

There are also other allies who have the potential to boost armor and reality of Tanks. Keeping Sadness alive will help her build momentum. Once she gets going she is hard to stop. I think her defense boost from allies being ko’ed does NOT have a cap on it.

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