My fan fic

To my friend @mario_13 whom without I couldn’t even have wrote one sentence.

The cyber world Chapter one:

A smoke of gas is around with brandy,slender ,mario13 smg4 Mario and Jason thay seam to be in a city of some sorts
They were spotted by the creeps the creeps rushed to them but thay defend them selfs Jason uses his machete to take down one keep brandy used a mango knock one out m13 used his chain saw to cut into one Smg4 Mario comboed one and slender used his tentacle to stab in to one but there were o many of them they had to flee eventually they were sucked up in a green portal. They land in a warehouse with a mario dressed in black. the black mario says “hello i am smg3 and I have brought you to this dimension because the simulated body guard sistem broke and I can’t leave until it has been fixed I know those heroes would go soft I needed a ruthless team to do it I shall explain more in a second but first come and relax by the simulated fire.”

the cyber world chapter two:

“Listen up boys there is a generator in the tunnel system but it’s against my code to go down there just get the special generator bring it to me and I will stop the creeps and maybe even give you a reward how does that sound hmm?” Smg3 said rather hastily. They decided it was a good deal and went to go get it. But when they went down to get it a huge dragon chased them! But luckily they were able to escape with the generator. But when they give the generator to smg3 he betrays them and tries to use it to make himself undefeatable! “You fools now I am all powerful!” But when he tried to use it he realized that it was snatched away from them by a tentacle of slenderman. When he saw he was ruined he quickly escaped in a portal.

The cyber world Chapter 3:

with smg3 missing the bunch explore the strange world creeps no longer attacked them but just waved and some were even rebuilding broken down buildings “They don’t see us as enimes anymore” said a goomba who was butting into the conversation “my names duke“ he said “say you look new around here you better talk with the man with the info he’ll show you around” He finished. The bunch liked the strange visitor so they went to see the man he spoke of. Inside the building a short fellow bumps into them popple: Hey! Watch where your going buster! Wait a second I think I’ve seen you before yeah you had this green guy with a similar Stache yes I’m popple the great shadow thief! Or at least I used to be now I sell information I’ve picked up since I got to this dumb place but hey no taxes makes it easier right? “I will give you the free special for the day: smg3’s new hideout! popple decides to lead the group to the tower when it senses the generator a hole in the tower appears and they walk in with extreme caution Popple: that’s weird his body guards must have the day off or something. Once they reached the top they found smg3 floating in a green bubble “fools! Now the generator is mine!” He said.

The cyber world chapter 4:

Smg3 and his bodyguards attack but the power of the generator pushes them back Smg3 is able to snatch the generator but it is taken back by slendermans tentacles then the body guards attack the others but popple tosses a bomb at them launching them and the rest are defeated by chainsaw power! When they are all deleted Smg3 and smg4 smash into each other and their power seems equal but smg4 was being protected by some of slendermans tentacles and there is an explosion! When the fog clears all that’s left of smg3 is his black cap.

The cyber world Chapter 5:

They are a little startled at first but then calm down they go back to town together they also notice their are many many people walking around now popple sees someone that looks familiar Popple: hey! I know you you’re my old partner in crime! Bowser: I fell off a cliff and had amnesia I didn’t remember anything and you told me I was your partner that’s not a very solid relationship! Popple: what’s a little fib between friends right chum? Bowser: I wasn’t your friend and I’m not your friend now so beat it chump! Popple: listen pal we need a little muscle on the team come on please! It will be like old times! Bowser: fine I’m stuck here anyway but I’m not talking to you shadow dork! Smg4: But what are we going to do now that smg3 is gone? Popple: we just need to get to mount cyber and turn on the portal with the generator simple! Bowser: so I’ve been here for days and you’ve known the way back all this time?!?!?!? Popple: uh off to the mountain then no time to argue I mean chat come on kids were off to mount cyber!

The cyber world chapter 6:

Popple: almost to the cyber city train station! Smg4: how will we get a ticket? Bowser: ya we don’t have any money! Popple: who said anything about money? I know the guy who works their we met right after I got sucked n we’ve been pals ever since. He will let us ride his train no problemo! Speaking of trains were here! Bowser: finally my feet are killing me! ???: welcome what do you think of the train? Popple: looking good Prescott! Gremlin Prescott: thank you Popple. Now let me guess you need to get to mount cyber? Well not that you deserve to go but I couldn’t take you even if I wanted to the trains busted and I can’t seem to flip it on it’s side to fix the thinner pump. Bowser: that’s all? Why I could flip it no problem stand aside! Grrrrrr mmmmph hummmmp! There you go it’s on it’s side! Prescott: thank you will fix this now is if you don’t mind. (A few moments later…) done now if you would flip the train for me we will be all ready to ride! Bowser: grrrumph Prescott: thank you now I can take you to the foot of mount cyber on the train and fly you up the rest of the way on my latest creation!
Popple: well what are we waiting for let’s ride!

The cyber world chapter 7:

Prescott: all aboard the cyber train! (Inside the cyber train jazzy music is playing while the people on board talk) phill swift: what will it be guys a bowl made out of flex tape with flex spray to drink or AN ENTIRE BOAT MADE INTIRELY OF FLEX TAPE!!! Popple: were good so beat it chump! Bowser: hey some ones on top of the train creep boss: hands up this is a robbery! annoying orange: don’t you mean a strobbery? Creep boss: … no I don’t. Mario 13: let’s get em! Attack!!!
(Five seconds later…) creep boss: I give up let’s get out of here! Creep henchmen: like you don’t have to tell me twice! (The creeps jump out of the train and hit the ground Popple: that’s what you get when you mess with team starstruck! Everyone:… Popple: what we needed a team name! So what do you think of team starstruck?
Everyone:… Popple: we umm we will work on that later.
Bowser: great more creeps attack! (A few hours later) smg4: finally we got them all. Prescott: everyone I know this has been an extremely boring and uneventful trip but do not worry because we have arrived at the foot of the mountain! Popple: (pant pant) uneventful?!?!?!?!?

The cyber world Chapter 7:

Prescott: we have arrived at mount cyber. If you want to go to the summit please board my special mountain climbing device. Now let’s see smg4,mario13,Popple,slenderman,bowser,brandy,am I forgetting someone? No I think that’s everyone well let’s go (Prescott walks towards a gigantic gray fist) Prescott: sorry I wasn’t able to paint it yet
Everyone on board good let’s go (the fist begins to use its fingers to climb up the mountain then t stops) here we are the portal!

The cyber world chapter 8:

(Our “heroes” have made it to mount cyber and were about to go home but when they arrived they saw a shadowy figure it was smg3 but now he was cloaked in darkness his eyes gleamed a deep red in the darkness he had been waiting for them) smg3: I’m afraid that I don’t have time to chit chat let’s just get to it. But wait were are my manners I want you to see something (smg3 lifts his hand showing a bulky gauntlet that looked similar to the giant fist that carried them up the mountain) smg3: this is the fist of damanatis the exact opposite of the generator of truth that you stole from me and now that I have this and my powers you don’t stand a chance. Smg4: wrong smg3 we have the upper hand we beat you back when their were only five of us now we have bowser and Prescott and we are even stronger than before! Smg3: well how about we test that theory! (The eight of them collided at once smg3 seemed impossible to beat but every time he started to win the others fought harder than ever! But in the end smg3 sent them all flying them he went to smg4 to take his generator but to his surprise smg4 didn’t have it! Popple had snatched it during the blast he threw it to Prescott who placed it in the portal then he pressed a button that opened a black hole!) Prescott: hold on everybody! Smg3: NOOOO!!!
( smg3 went flying into the portal and was destroyed but the gauntlet was taken out quickly by Prescott) smg4: good job Prescott now hand over the gauntlet. (But Prescott just glared at him and slipped it on his own hand) Prescott: no I don’t think I will. With the gauntlet and the generator I will be unstoppable! No one shall ever doubt my genius again! Bowser: you little cheat! Why I ought to… Prescott: no I ought to.
(Then Prescott used the generator and the gauntlet together making a gigantic blast knocking the gang back then he fused the generator and the gauntlet together making a ultimate battle suit then he unleashed another blast knocking them all out completely.

The end… ???: no it’s not over wake up guys! Popple: huh what was that where am I? Bowser were in a dungeon! No one holds bowser (then bowser smashes through a wall it was night them creeps started running towards them!) Popple: let’s scam! (Then when the gang get to safety they turn around and see the biggest castle any of them had ever seen before guarded by hundreds of robotic hands) smg4: I think we might needs some backup.

Reign of Prescott chapter 1:

In an alleyway a mouse walked silently along meanwhile another mouse walked in his direction it was too dark to see where they were going and if it weren’t for the puddle the second mouse stepped in and the splash noise it made they would have crashed into each other. ???: who’s there? show your self or I will cut you to ribbons! Mickey: gee I’m mickey. sorry to startle you. Nice sword. Matthias: I am Matthias the warrior and thank you. trust me you have no idea what I’ve gone through for this sword. Mickey: well Matthias can you tell me where I am? Matthias: I’m afraid not. a green swirl of magic picked me up and dropped me here. Mickey: something like that happened to me too. I wish I knew the way home. Duke: I can help with that. Matthias: what on earth is that! Duke: I’m a goomba you insensitive mouse! Anyway I was going to tell you their was a group headed up the mountain to find a portal that could take them back to their homes but now I won’t. Matthias: thank you my friend come mickey we must follow them up the mountain. Wario: waluigi those dummies look like they have some gold on them and that sword looks like it could be worth a lot! Waluigi: ya let’s steal it! Wario: great minds think alike. Wario and waluigi: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Reign of Prescott chapter 2:

(While the friendly mice started up the mountain the others were quite busy with other matters) Bowser: then will attack here with my goomba squad to divert Prescott’s robots meanwhile we are led in by my koopa troop once were are in the castle we will battle through the guards and my koopa troop will block the entrance while my shy guy strikers move in to capture Prescott. Smg4: genius! But what’s a goomba squad and a koopa troop and shy guy strikers? Bowser: something i don’t have…
Popple: there has to be a way to beat him. Presbott: their they are capture them and send them to lord Prescott! Mario 13: RUN!!!
Gale: attack! ( then a koopa paratroopa with a shell that has the name gale carved on it swoops down and knocks the robots back) gale: master bowser! I’ve been Looking for you! My koopa paratroop will slow them down get out of here! Bowser: no! We’re gonna fight everyone attack! ( bowser lets out a gigantic roar and spins in his shell shattering the robots in front then a huge fist grabs bowser and squeezes him tightly but gale and the other koopa paratroops grab the fingers and begin to pry them open but it’s so strong they can barely hold them open then smg4 crawls into the fist from a vent and rips up all the wires then the fist stops crushing bowser and falls to the ground seeing the fist defeated the other robots flee in terror) gale: strength in numbers I guess. By the way their where two people coming up the mountain to get home they seemed like they could help us fight back the robots. Bowser: yes smg4 Popple and mario will go and get more reinforcements while I will wait for them and keep the robots at bay.
Popple: well okay I guess that’s pretty fair. Smg4: let’s go find some fighters. (Meanwhile at the foot of the mountain) Matthias: were here mickey. let’s find some walking sticks and climb the mountain mickey: sure thing Matthias! Waluigi: let’s jump em! Wario: not yet they will lead us to the portal that leads home then we will pounce them get the sword and go home rich and greedy. Waluigi: wahaha good thinking!
Wario and waluigi: WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! waluigi: ack my throat we should cackle less often. Wario: agreed.

Reign of Prescott chapter 3:

When Matthias arrived with mickey bowser was glad to have them. they made several attacks on Prescott. eventually wario and waluigi got tired of waiting and decided to help fight Prescott. When meanwhile smg4 and the others were finding troops to supply the army they found large numbers of bowsers minions but they wanted more troops to ensure victory. Smg4: now that we have a large army we will be able to fight through blot alley to find more soldiers. Popple: where is blot alley? Smg4: to the west. we must move quickly come on! (So they marched west towards blot alley when they arrived it was overrun by all kinds of strange creatures) smg4: we have to charge through. It’s the only way! (So the entire army charged through. Once they had battled through the alley they found a restaurant. They went in and dog wearing a dress) Isabelle: hello I’ll be your waiter folks I’ll get you all some water. Be right back! Smg4: well at least not everyone here is mad. Popple: not mad? She’s going to try to supply an entire army with water! (A few minutes later Isabelle comes back with a giant piramid made out of water glasses) Isabelle: here you are! Popple: huh maybe she’s not mad. Isabelle: Let’s see that’s 265 glasses of water… that’ll be $5,000. Popple: she’s mad!

Reign of Prescott chapter 4:
Smg4: hey Isabelle would you like to go home? Isabelle: more than anything. Popple: then come with us! We are making an army to free everyone from Prescott! Isabelle: wow! This is a lot to take in guys but I don’t have another choice… Ok! I’ll join! Great then do we get free water? Isabelle: no. Popple: well it was worth a try. (Then they all went to go back to bowser when they were sabotaged by robots!) Prescott: bow before the might of my creations! Mario 13: Never! Popple: so you want a piece of me? Smg4: attack! Isabelle: I wasn’t made for fighting…

Reign of Prescott chapter 5:
You’d think after smash Isabelle would change her tune right? Anyway where were we oh yes I remember now! Smg4: attack! Prescott: activate termination mode! (If you are wondering “why would Prescott come personally?” Answer: he didn’t. Prescott was appearing and talking from a screen on one of the giant hands but this one was not “giant” it was gigantic! The biggest thing like ever! I guess I’m getting carried away again I shall continue now) popple: take this! And this! And some of this! (Popple said as he hit a robot several times in the head! Isabelle threw a fishing rod at a hovering robot and pulled it in as hard as she could flinging the robot to the ground and exploding!) isabelle: gotcha! Prescott: chrush them you cockroaches! (The battle was almost lost but then bowsers army rushed in and turned the tide of battle!) bowser: push them north! Attack with all your might! (Eventually they were able to force Prescott’s weaker army to flee) bowser: yeah! That’s what you get when you mess with me! Smg4: but it’s not over! We have to destroy Prescott’s castle and get home! Isabelle: yeah! We can do this! Popple: yeah go team cyber! Bowser: no that will never be our our team name. Popple: hmph picky picky picky.

To be continued…

I love it thank you

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Isabelle: no it’s just expensive here

Lol yeah it must be

Isabelle: or you could get me a date with the Mayor

smg4: all right ware is the mayor of yore town


Mayor (y/n) : oh who are you

Smg4 : I’m smg4

M13 : I’m Mario 13

Brandy: I’m brandy

Pople: I’m pople

M13: with Isabelle


Mayor (y/n) : wow Isabelle yore butifal

Isabelle you look nice yore self

Move this to a pm!

M 13 :ohh okay

Everyone leaves
The mayor and Isabelle come out talking and laughing

She’s right mario 13 we should pm this then post the finished product later.

Brandy : thay look like cute couple

Ohhhhh okay

And, you are basically shipping a dog and a human… Even if it is a game it is still the same thing…

But everyone ships them

No one ik does… Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen though but it is gross nonetheless.

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