My game review


Before I get into this post I would like to say I still love this game. It gives me happy feelings, and I feel generally happy while playing. I feel nostalgic and my other emotions really just go away. I like this game because it cave a runtime waste. But the problems really make it harder. Like the gap between F2P and P2P. Of course if you do not plan on playing competitive then this post will sound like a rant. But I so sometimes take this game seriously but I can’t pay money on this game. At least how much it insists you to do.

Issue: OP heroes.
I am a generally experienced player. I have been playing for around 550 days. And for about 225 of those days I could not play, so when I returned I could do nothing. I remember when some people used Felix as a meta hero. I came back no one had used him. It was jafar and all the newer heroes. I have just caught up with heroes and am now only missing 3. But for a while I was missing 25+ I had no meta I couldn’t win any battle, I fought some people I was 20 levels above and lost. It was insane, “5 years ago I knew everything, I come back and now I know nothing.” My heroes were useless. My team was completely fine then. Now I am back up to date and can beat users 20 levels higher then mine if the use a old team and I use meta. I am back to the swing of things, but it was nearly impossible to win for a while in arena.

How to fix:
Perblue has been doing hero refreshes. But they won’t help some heroes. Of course the old heroes won’t be as good as Randell. But changing some things will be good. Like making Ralph’s silence be longer? Or nerf all the heroes till they are around the same. Of course having better characters is okay. But adding easy counters would make the game more strategic. More Fair and fun. But don’t lock them behind disks. Those are wails best friends because it depends on level and skills. Easily done for high spending players. Making it in the regular skill sets.

Issue: Level caps.
Maybe the most dreaded part of the game. For a normal player or an a low spender even. It is hard to deal with and just annoying. I know this is how you get a lot of your money but is it the best way to go? Yes and no.

How to fix:
Level caps are exciting and annoying. Without them the game would be boring. But with them the grind is terrible! It seems like a lost cause? Slowing them down is one way of solving them. It will be more time for F2P’s to get to them. And for P2P’s to grind every hero out. win win. But, if you make the gaps to long or to short the game can move drastically. IMP 1 and a half months is a good time. It gives enough time, but that could be to long. So I will cover that :arrow_double_down:

Issue: Player gap.
Let’s say you have a level 1 player. And at thew top is a level 165 level player. Let’s all be honest the game won’t even start the level 1 will loose in a blink of a eye. So starting on these new servers won’t help. At server 22/the TL is 120. How are yo gonna catch up like that?

How to fix:
This is a very far fetched idea. Because it could ruin the game 100%. The servers would be divided. Like this.

TL 15-
New player who just joined. They are paired with other new users that cannot join guilds or unlock things under TL 15-
TL 30-
Can join guilds TL 30- And can use every mode 30-
TL 50-
Can join guilds TL 50- and can use all the modes TL 50-
TL 85-
You can use all all the features to prepare yoiu to the elite part of the game. Joining TL 85- guilds- after TL 86 you can join the competitive mode and go against people other levels higher.

The game has issues. But it is overall a good game.

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