My team for dhbm (new edition)

I have a brand new team in the game that I pride myself on having to push through the story mode Arenas and Coliseum

Team members

Bo peep (tank)

I replaced my long standing tank goofy with the hard hitting bo peep thanks to her very strong stats and her white skill which can deflect projectiles and mow down enemies

Elsa (damage)

The first ever hero to get a complete redesign, elsa is now sporting her dress from frozen 2 but her moveset stays the same and is still one the best freezing heroes in the game

Jasmine and Donald duck(controls)

Jasmine uses her trusty pole to knock back enemies and her beloved pet tiger rajah to claw and pounce at enemies while giving herself energy and rajah can become a very powerful assistant with “tiger boost”

Meanwhile we got the first hero to get a role change, donald is now a control thanks to his ability to absorb debuffs and putting them on enemies with “flying into a rage”

Linguini and remy(support)

Linguini and remy are definitely better supports then (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) joy because unlike joy, the rat and human duo can actually defend themselves using vegetables from their basic attack and also burnt food from “flaming flambe” while also healing their allies And helps allies block debuffs using stacks of “hardy”

So that’s my new team

What do you guy’s think

I love it! Already believing in Linguini!

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