My teams, suggestions?

Hi so, I am working in some teams and I want to get some feedback, I can also explain why I added a character and a disk in a lineup if you are wondering that

Note: I imagine this teams with RSs and maxed disks

Slow + Freeze

This one was recommended by @AbuBakr-Umar aw while ago, thanks!
Pooh (Go)
Shang (Mu)
KL (An)
Kristoff (Ki) or (Fl), can´t decide
Elsa (Ol)


Had to remove HDL…
Hercules (Me)
DW (Mr)
Rapunzel (Ja)
Hiro (Da)
EQ (Ga)


Goofy (Je)
Powerline (Go)
HL, Idk what disk use
Ian (Me)

Can´t decide between ading Meg or Kermit for protecting Goofy, he dies so quick :P

Who should I use? (Read the blind hide details, then vote)
  • Meg (Sh)
  • Kermit (Go)
  • Other (Please reply)

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Maximus (Fl)
Hades (Me)
Robin (Ni)
Pleakley (Ju)
Barbossa (Ti)


Jim (Pl)
Belle (Mi)
Zurg (Re)
Liniguini (Mi)
Tron (Fl)

Yes, I did NOT repeat any character
I know that they are a lot of characters to upgrade and tons of disks too but I think that at one point I can actually have all this teams build up :)
Please leave feedback!

Try use to disk (Hi)


I would pick Kermit mostly because Ian is in the line. The weakness of Kermit is that sometimes he fails to survive till his first blue skill usage, and Ian greatly covers it.


Move her to Freeze team to replace Shang. Take her Hiro disk and enjoy!


Okay. I added her in the blind team because Powerline can also freeze so the 200% more damage of the RS would be nice (And I also thought of putting hiro disk because of the slow while blinded of Powerline´s Goofy disk but I wasn´t sure)

Also, I wasn´t sure between Meg and Kermit because Meg could share the reflect with Goofy while kermit is… Kermit

If Kermit would be able to trigger his white fast, he would duplicate reflect to everyone…

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Never thought of that. Sounds great! Of course it would be difficult but, it´d be awesome

Replace with Rapunzel (Bo)

Um… I’d say move Honey in Freeze team, move Shang in Hardy team, and get that Hank in the blind line (his initial damage can delay enemies and give time to Kermit and Ian)

Why? :sweat_smile:

Gonna do it

I was going to do that initially but it´d be 4 supports and I tjhnk that´s too much so that´s why I added another damage


Rapunzel gives 6 (7 with red) stacks of hardy at the start of every wave. She’ll help Belle take out her stick at the start of the wave

Okay but, who should I put on the stun team then? (Also, why Bo disk? :sweat_smile:)

Launchpad (Hi), I guess

The SP buff from Tron is so much all of them will do huge damage

Idk… you may just want to swap Rapunzel and Jim. Altough the stun team could use a defense hero…

It’s the better one for Rapunzel

That could work too

I chose Meg. What’s the point of permanent invincibility if Honey Lemon will just keep everyone frozen? :eyes:

Goofy is so fragile he can die before Kermit can save him.

Sounds good



That´s why I added Rapunzel in the first place

My whole life has been a lie


Your Study team is exactly like mine, but instead of Hades, I use Jumba lol

I totally didn’t copy it

You must give me 100$ for the idea

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