Nail It! (Naily Concept)

Name: Naily
Quote: Nail It!
Stars: :star:
White Skill: Naily Point
Naily Makes A Very Sharp Hit On A Enemy That They Get X Damage Taken.
Green: Circle Of Nails
In The Start Of Each Wave, Naily Makes A Circle On Enemies 10 Times. It Stuns Enemies For The Rest Of The Wave And Gets Them Damaged 12 Times.
The Green Skill Is True Damage.
Blue Skill: Saddle Revive
Once When Naily Reaches 0 HP, He Revives And Heals All Alies And Naily X HP
Purple Skill: As Real As It Is
Naily And The Alies Gets X Reality.
Red Skill: Can It?
Naily Point Is Now A Fantastic Damage And Naily Point Now Blinds Enemies For 10 Seconds.

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Defeat: Naily Gets Stuck On The Floor.
Victory: He Finds The Screen And Gives An Thumbs Up.

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Sharp Rush
Naily Gains 30 Extra Skill Power
Bad Truck
Naily Gains HP Every Time He Gets Damaged.

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A Thumbs Up

11 out of ten!

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Wow! You did better on this than your LetsGetDangerousBro concept!

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I give this a 8/10

Well, anyone could have done better than his Let’sGetDangerousBro concept lol

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