Need help for defeating team in campaign?

i am stuck in campaign against this set up

cant seem to defeat it. Any tips how to defeat it. Even my strongest dont stand a chance

Try Kristoff, he can freeze them and knock them back

sadly cant dont have the resources to upgrade hi.

You’ve got a R12 Nick with Red Skill, and this is wave 3… seems like that shouldn’t pose a problem :man_shrugging:

i know but somehow my team gets defeated in mere seconds

But OFFICER_WILDE has no good defense.

All my main upgraded ones

What is the best o
Best defence character in the game that can take a beating and can help my team

You need to rethink the heroes your work on :grimacing:

I’d say Mr. I should be good enough, and replace Robin with T&P

These heroes worked plenty of times. Problem is the last wave heroes are like lvl 232. Stuns have a chance to fail then

Seems like they aren’t working for you now :eyes:

I’d use someone damages all enemies with their active, so you can use their white skill at the beginning of every wave, including Darkwing, Nick (use his active in first wave if you can), and T&P

Kinda unfair. These last wave enemies get to many buffs that i dont even have a chance to use the white skills.

Tried nick, or t and p or darkwing duck no results.

Here again

team defeated in like 3 seconds and so many buffs just wow… talk about unfair cant get badges or advance in campaign because of this.

Yeah, Louie (An) does that.

I use Shang and Zurg to help against infected levels

I cant upgrade all characters dont have the resources for it. Probaly should work on mulan next

Any counters tips to work on? Need shield breakers and good healers and damage dealers

Buzz (red skill) can bypass shields :eyes:

IMHO, no. There have been so many counters for her released already that her reign as the top damage hero is almost certainly going to end very soon. I’d say that your best bets for your next major project would be Maximus, Cheshire Cat, Ian Lightfoot, or Sadness (although if the leaked skills for the remaining datamined-but-not-implemented hero are accurate, that hero could be the next Randall in terms of OPness); if you can afford to at least start working on another hero, you might want to look at a stronger support, preferably Rapunzel or Linguini & Remy.

Of your current top heroes, you’ve got a bunch that are only situationally useful, but none are a lost cause, at least. I’d recommend that you get Judy’s and Mr. Incredible’s red skills ASAP; work on upgrading Darkwing and Hank & Dory as resources allow; keep up Mushu, Timon & Pumbaa, and probably GMN and Randall; and put a couple of SP mods with purple skill upgrades on Nick.

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