Need Help in Campaign

Hey guys. Me again. Im having trouble in Chapter 29: Comb The City, Street F8 and i keep on losing every time. which team should i use in order to claim 3 stars on that level?

What’s your team heroes?

Well, at first, I’d use:
(Elsa, Kristoff & Sven, Honey Lemon, Felix, and Maximus)
…But that failed me. So I switched:
(Honey Lemon > Ian Lightfoot, Maximus > Goofy, and Felix > Jasmine)
…And again, I failed. Cause Powerline had to make an entrance to further damage the heroes i use.

Felix isn’t a good as well as Goofy. Take Felix and Goofy out. You should use with Sadness, Disgust, and Angel. Make sure you use with newest heroes.

So, use Sadness, Disgust and Angel (along with Elsa and Kristoff)? …Guess its worth a try.

Well, I’m sure I guess Maximus, Sadness, Disgust, Angel, and Kristoff team.

Try using these Heroes:

Wasabi , Ángel , Maximus Mulán y Slinky

With those Heroes I managed to advance to Chapter 34 of the normal Campaign

Ok then. I’ll give it a go.

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