Need help with arena


I’m still new to the game. Been playing for about 2 weeks. While I’m enjoying the game, I still don’t understand how to plan attacks in arena. I used to just attack weaker team powers but that doesn’t work for me lately. I check the skill levels of each of the characters but even the level 35 skills on my characters can’t beat single digit skill level characters for some reason. I understand some characters have advantages over others so I’m asking if someone could help me understand how to better plan my attacks. Like which characters I should use against certain teams. I’m just not understanding it at all. I have a fairly large roster of characters to choose from but don’t understand how to build teams that work well together. I like Toy Story so I’m using Buzz, Woody. Zurg and am close to unlocking Rex. I also like Wreck it Ralph so the last two on my current team are Ralph and Vanellope.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!


It would help if you mention your server number :wink: as well as your team lvl and your arena league.

This team is…meh.

Buzz is weak without protection, so is Zurg and Vanelope. That means Ralph is your only protection which, is hardly enough.

a good first step is adding a second frontline character either tank or damager. Perhaps Jessie woud be superior to either Zurg or Vanelope or Buzz. One other thing that stands out, y ou have no control. A team with no control is not gonna go far unless better supported. An early on control here… May add Frozone?

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Finnick is now effective as a control hero. and also Judy. Buzz is more used at the arena than Jessie. Also, do not use Zurg if you’re at the start of the game because he doesn’t have armor and reality. Ralph isn’t very sturdy, Felix can be better at the start of the game.
Conclusion: Felix, Vanellope, Finnick, Woody, Buzz.


Level 47, sever 17.
Ok so I should try to have 2 protectors in front instead of 1, and I should use a control person in the team as well? I can work on that.

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In arena use your top 5 and try to get badges as often as you can!


…bad advice…


Bad advise to upgrade your favorite heroes?


Bad advice to use your top five. U less you specifically upgrade your top 5 after making it your arena team.