Need MORE XP DRINKS given/won

You keep raising the max level 190 right now but it’s been released that it’s going up to 250! How do you expect players to level up characters(heros) when very little XP DRINKS can be won or are given out? I faithfully play daily multiple hours a day and can never seem to rack up enough xp drink to level heros. I’m at level 190 however the XP level of my hero’s are no where close. There are a ton of players just like myself who are struggling to level heros up. WE NEED MORE XP DRINKS!


@Loutre this is an issue that gets even worse once you factor in XP needed to gain Yellow skills. It is getting so a player cannot level up top 15, build up lower toons (to keep up with gameplay, level up disks, etc), and earn/maintain yellow skills (don’t get me started on leveling up the yellow means you have to re-up the entire battle badge, including XP!!! What’s the point in even getting yellow if you can’t maintain!!!). This is a serious situation that needs amending ASAP. Even something to the extent that battle badges don’t need to use XP to level up once they have been equipped would be a HUGE help. But just 2 port hits a day when Trials get 6 and the rate that XP is needed is becoming more necessary than some of those badge drops in Trials. We need more XP drops, higher payout in drops, and a manageable use of XP in game play.


At least the new contest gives some focus to the XP, but the problem should be more of an issue the devs should be focusing on @Loutre

Dev Answer: You aren´t meant to raise every character.

My own opinion on the matter: You should be able to fully max top 15 of your characters. (Rank, Badges, Disk, Mods, Battle Badge) For the latter three that just isn´t possible now, due to Megabit Scaling being bad. Disk Power barely covering two high levels of Disk a day and Mods having a lvl130 cap despite giving trash bonus stats.

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The Devs might say that, but they are forcing the hand of the player. So, for example, Cheshire’s friendships are with 2 toons I never use. But I have to keep at least one of these toons high (in this case Hatter) in order to keeps CCs disk up to level. Cheshire isn’t the only room with friendships like this either. In some ways, it could potentially mean you have to keep 30 toons high in order to make sure their friendship disks are up to par too.

The resources are scarce in this game as well as in IRL. If they weren´t you would have no “sense of achievement” and the game will be ultimately boring to you :wink:

There’s a difference between a resource being “scarce” and “oh you’ve gotta be kidding me.”

During the early Red ranks, we were at a decent enough “scarce” rating for most resources. But even on S21, especially with regards to Stamina, we’ve entered “oh you’ve gotta be kidding me” territory.

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What should the F2P players in old servers say then? Considering the current top difficulty of Trials and Ports is the same on each server?

Things that would be blocked by the profanity filter.


Oh that’s a bummer if they feel that way. I actually keep every character the same level and try to keep them updated as much as possible. Dang gonna suck once I actually get up there.

It’s not horrible if you can do it, but overall if you are building all your toons at the same pace, it’s not the best game strategy. Part of this is because you have no dominate team. Top 15 is a good starting point and then working from there.

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