Need some feedback

So lately I’ve been trying out some new lineups that would go well in arena, but I’ve losing pretty quickly to people my level or lower. I’ve been using Olaf, Scar, Sulley (woody disk) , Darkwing Duck and Mal and its losing very fast. I just want to know what you guys think about Darkwing Duck because I’m pretty sure he might be the problem. Is he good or should I swap?

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As I see right now, your heroes are strong, but they don’t really work well with each other

People using Olaf mainly because he is strong in a freeze team, myself included. Mal, Scar are strong too. I don’t use DWD because I hate him personally

My Arena team was: Sulley (Woody), Mal (Ursula), Scar (Mal), Moana (Merinda) and Shank (Vanellope) and I couldn’t manage to promote

Then, I changed to: Olaf (Moana), Elsa (Olaf), Mal, Scar and Sulley and thanks to that, got promoted to Plat 2 and eventually Plat 1 :slight_smile:

Right now, my team is Olaf, Elsa, Merinda (Elastic Girl), Mal and Baymax (Olaf) and I still manage to get top 5 in Arena (sometimes just top 10 because my opponents are so tough)

The important thing in Arena is that, you know how to pair up your heroes. They might be strong individually but that’s not enough to stand your ground :slight_smile:


I would not recommend Darkwing. In my opinion he has low HP. And since he is a front-line damage hero he dies easily. Zurg has bad HP too but he is a mid-line so…

Honestly, change Sulley to a control or support-control hero like Gaston, Woody, Walle. If not, use Baymax.
DWD is strong. High attack and if your skills are maxxed, he is very good especially as he can destrol backline heroes as well.
Sulley is strong but he is very weak in this meta. His damage now is so-so, his scare and team heals from woody disc is the other good thing from him, but he can easily be manipulated with control.
Olaf pairs well with DWD in my opinion against most of lineups. Olaf freezes frontline enemies to give more time for DWD to ult and jump to the backline.
Your team just need more control I think.

On of the top guys in my guild (lvl 115) has an arena team that he has been touting as a top tier team in pvp: Olaf, DWD, Jack Skellington, Mike, and Elsa. It seems to be working for him. I would absolutely recommend that if you’re gonna have Olaf on your team, you gotta use Elsa as well. They totally own when paired.

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Hard to get chips for elsa when she’s not available anywhere by diamond crates

I guess you’re not on S1 then, because she’s available in Chapter 14 of the elite campaign there. I was lucky enough to get her from a diamond crate though. But honestly, I got most of her chips from offers that cost diamonds.

I am on server 1 but chapter 14 ain’t easy to get to man

You’ll get there eventually.

I do hope others also have their disks. If not then you know what to do :wink:

Other things; kick Sulley and add Moana with Mickey’s disk.
DW is really strong and even better with Nick disk.
Mal, Scar and Olaf are really good, yet.

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I’m on 13 atm but it gets hard when jack sparrow is in it

Definitely. I feel your pain. This is the team that got me through: Sulley and Boo (Woody disc— you’ve got to invest in this. It’s a life saver), Baymax, Moana (Merida disc), Merida (Elastigirl disc), and Elsa. All maxed skills near level 90. It was probably a level or two below that. It also takes good timing from white skill activation.

I seem to get a lot of these Elsa deals. Sometimes I can afford them, sometimes I can’t.

Usually once darkwing gets his jump off, he is not going to die easily. With maxed skills, his invisibility will buy him time to get his jump off. Basically you kill darkwing quickly or you risk losing 2-3 of your own guys.

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